8 Foods That Promote Natural Detoxification

“What can I do to detox my body from the toxins I’ve already been exposed to?”

When pursuing a toxin-free lifestyle, your number one focus should be avoiding the intake of additional toxic foods and use of toxic products. That said, it is very common for reborn health fanatics to be drawn to the word “detox.” I mean, who doesn’t aspire to erase all of the damage we’ve already done?

While there are no miracle procedures that will dive into your body and melt all of those GMOs and skin cream chemicals into oblivion, there truly are some natural foods that promote natural detoxification. In this post, I will break down some of the most effective options that you can simply pick up at your local grocery.

Foods that Promote Natural Detoxification

Cruciferous Veggies & Leafy Greens

leafy greens with the center shaped as a heart
leafy greens promote natural detoxification

This category is one of the healthiest we can include in our diet, with so many benefits that include boosting liver functioning. Veggies such as brussel sprouts and cauliflower are high in fiber, which promotes the excretion of bile and stool that is so effective in ridding our bodies of toxins.

Spinach is rich in chloryphyll, which is the most detoxifying plant pigment we have available to us. And did you realize that broccoli has been recognized for its ability to fend off harm from air pollution?

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someone holding out both hands that are cradling an open avocado
avocados promote natural detoxification

Besides being an amazingly versatile and delicious healthy fat, these little green guacamole monsters are a wealth of glutathione. This substance can be found naturally within the body, with one of its premiere functions being removing heavy metals.

Many of us have higher levels of mercury in our system due to things like old fillings and an overabundance of seafood. This existence can cause a multitude of health issues that are challenging to resolve.

Green Tea

It’s no mere coincidence that all of the blue zones regions drank this in one form or another. It’s chock full of antioxidants and also boosts the effectiveness of the liver. There are so many tasty variations of this tea in the grocery aisle, but try to find loose leaf for the highest release of antioxidants.

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With inflammation believed to be the number one cause of disease, it is very beneficial to turn to the number one inflammation fighter in nature. Turmeric’s curmucin can also help rid our body of some of those pervasive toxins that tend to perpetuate the inflammatory effects leading to such illnesses as cardiovascular disease and cancers.

In order to get a better boost of this compound, it is advised to go beyond curry and purchase a supplement. The additional intake of black pepper along with this supplement, can help the body effectively absorb it for the full benefit.

foods that promote natural detoxification


Cilantro seems to be one of those herbs that a person either loves or hates. If you can stomach it, this can be an excellent remover of toxins such as lead, phthalates and insecticides.

Cilantro can be a wonderful flavor addition to those winter chilis, soups and stews. You can also add it to rice and salads for some extra pizzazz.


It may produce a breath that will make your lover run the other way, but there are some great detoxing benefits to this stinky veggie. First off, it supports many of the liver’s important enzymes. It is also another participant in the manufacture of the ever important glutathione.

When garlic isn’t preoccupied with those tasks, it is busy supporting other detox components like sulfur compounds and selenium.

If you are a lover of pasta dishes, garlic is probably already a common theme in your cooking. However, there are many other ways to use garlic. Personally, I adore the taste of roasted garlic, which can be added to sandwiches, soups and other veggies.


Many people swear by a glass of lemon water to start their mornings right. This tangy beverage has also become very popular as a weight loss technique. Now, I’m not here to support or deny this message; however, I can tell you that it has been found to be an excellent aid for natural detoxification.

In fact, the citric acid was proven to protect liver function and prevent oxidative damage. To reap these health benefits, you can try out some of the above mentioned detox lemon water.


Ginger is another anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that has been added to lemon water for weight loss. Try this recipe for ginger tea, which is also great for digestion!

ginger is one of many foods that promote natural detoxification

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