14 Conscious Companies for Truly Meaningful Gift Giving

As moms, we have a lot of people to buy for during this busy season. Kids, significant others, extended family, friends and various other people who touch our lives and inspire us to show our appreciation. We want to gift them with something they will truly value, something that considers who they are and what they mean to us. No pressure, people.

What if we could do all of that AND give back to the world in some way? What a great gift that would be, to give to our loved ones and all of humanity with one simple exchange . .

Following are 14 of the most conscious companies for holiday gifts that will give back, beyond the initial recipient’s joy of receiving. Get ready for some truly meaningful gift giving opportunities.

Thrive Market

Thrive Market offers truly meaningful gift giving opportunities

If you are looking for an online grocery company that caters to your sustainable, toxin-free desires as a green mama; Thrive Market.com is the place. This company cares about making healthy eating affordable for everyone. In fact, for every membership that is purchased; a teacher, veteran, student or low-income family receives a membership as well.

Does someone in your family require you a vegan, gluten-free or low-foodmap diet? Not a problem, you can search by these categories and six other specific diets for your appropriate needs. You can also search by ten different health certifications, such as non-gmo and fair trade. There are numerous other ingredient specifications, environmental and social concerns you can search by as well.

Besides offering affordable prices, Thrive Market will even offer you your choice of a free gift when you spend over $50. On top of that, they are always offering sales and cashback for certain purchases.

Thrive’s offerings are definitely not limited to food. They also sell some amazing sustainable, toxin-free wines that I take advantage of since they are so hard to find at an affordable cost. In addition, there is an amazing healthy selection for your babies, pets, beauty and supplement needs. They’ve even added sustainable frozen meats and seafoods.

Thrive Market’s packaging and practices are sustainable, their food products are REAL and affordable, AND they were able to donate 89,000 pounds of healthy food last year. This is all thanks to member support; it’s a membership that gives back twofold.

Here is a list of my favorite products to buy at Thrive, here is a list of great gift options they are selling right now, and here is a link to purchasing a gift card for their annual membership at only $59.95 a year.

Thistle Farms

Thistle Farms gives women who have survived domestic violence, human trafficking, prostitution and addiction; a second chance at the life they deserve. The two-year residential program that this company provides for these women includes free housing, healthcare, food, therapy and education. In exchange, the women manufacture Thistle Farms’ high-quality, natural skincare and other products.

The women at Thistle Farms learn job skills through positions such as accounting, marketing and web design. These are skills that they can carry with them once they leave the facility. More than that though, this organization provides a sisterhood and a sense of family. This “family” offers these weathered women a lifelong support through education, counseling, and emergency financial assistance; for the remainder of their lives.

Check out their holiday favorites here. They offer a wide variety of gift options, everything from their natural skincare to home decor, jewelry, mugs, journals, apparel, accesories, and tea. Hit them up for your stocking stuffers, gift cards, and all your gifting needs. This is an organization overflowing with heart, and there really is no better gift to give.


Beautycounter offers truly meaningful gift giving opportunities

“Better Beauty for a Better World.” This is their slogan that sets them apart. Putting our safety first, Beautycounter is on a mission to advocate, educate and change the world when it comes to beauty product offerings. They are certified as a B-corp, meaning they meet high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. Most of my cosmetic and skin care products are now from this brand because I choose to support a company that follows my values.

Bloom & Give

Bloom & Give offers a wide variety of scarves, other linens and accessories that are carefully handmade by the women of India. This company is deeply invested in the artisan communities that create their products, even using half of all profits to send local girls to school. They believe in educating these women so that they can escape the gender inequality that is so pervasive in India, and move them on to bigger and better things.

Cuddle + Kind


Cuddle + Kind was started by a very caring family that creates the sweetest handknit dolls that all the little ones in your life will love. Beyond that, they donate 10 free meals to hungry children for every one doll that is purchased. In a mere 4 years of production, this altruistic family has been able to provide over 8 million of these meals to children in need of thier help. In addition, the dolls are made by Peruvian women, provided them with a stable income.

Grounds & Hounds Coffee

Know of someone who loves coffee and animals? This may be the right place to shop for their gift. Grounds & Hounds is a company dedicated to animal rescue services. In fact, they donate 20% of the sale of every bag of their fair trade, organic coffee beans to organizations giving injured and abandoned dogs a fresh start.

Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand is on a mission to provide clean water for the children of Haiti. They build wells in communities lacking a clean water source. And for every bar of soap sold, they donate a bar AND a month of clean water to one of these children. To top it all off, these soaps are completely natural, environmentally friendly, vegan and cruelty free. They offer other clean body products that include the same humanitarian donation.

The Little Market

The Little Market is a wonderful site for accomplishing all of your holiday shopping in one place. They are unique in that you are able to select from several causes to support. Anything from human trafficking and domestic violence to skill development, the environment and refugees; The Little Market allows you to cater a gift to helping your or your giftee’s world causes. They even offer zero waste wrapping options and a variety of stocking stuffers. I am definitely going to be doing some of my shopping here!

Lula’s Garden

Lula’s Garden offers truly meaningful gift giving opportunities

Instead of a holiday bouquet that only lasts a week at most, I suggest you consider one of Lula’s Garden’s beautiful succulent plants. They are available in various arrangements and are handplanted locally in California. The company even donates some of their profits to organizations that provide access to clean water all over the world.

Nina Bernice

Nina Bernice is a Melbourne company that makes fashionable handbags out of sustainable materials, primarily cork. This material is very resistant to wear and tear. As a company, Nina Bernice is very focused on protecting the environment and living a zero waste lifestyle. They are Peta-approved Vegan and partner with WeForest to plant a tree for every product they sell.

Original Grain

Original Grain is a Pacific Northwest company that creates watches out of sustainably-sourced woods and stainless steel. Much of the wood that they use is repurposed from some pretty cool sources such as Kentucky bourbon barrels and Yankee stadium seats. And every time they sell a watch, they plant a tree in cooperation with Trees for the Future.

Paper Culture

Paper Culture offers truly meaningful gift giving opportunities

For a more sustainable version of the traditional holiday card, choose Paper Culture. Besides using only sustainable materials, they make it a priority to offset their carbon footprint and are always thinking up better, greener ways to do business. They have also planted over a million trees, one for every order placed. They even have a 50% off deal going on holiday cards until 12/12.

Sack Cloth & Ashes

Sack Cloth & Ashes offers truly meaningful gift giving opportunities

Sack Cloth & Ashes is a company that came out of a caring son’s experience with his homeless mother, and his resulting desire to make a difference. This man’s company makes beautifully patterned, recycled, Italian wool blankets that any recipient would feel lucky to receive. In addition, once purchased, your local homeless shelter will receive a blanket as well.


S’well is a reusable water bottle company focused on creating stylish and eco-friendly portable beverage containers. They also offer numerous stocking stuffers, including Frozen-themed bottles for the kids. This charitable company has partnered with UNICEF to donate 1.4 million to helping provide clean water to communities where it is lacking. They are particularly concerned with Madagascar, where nearly 50% of the people have no access to safe water. Their efforts are involved with educating families and rebuilding the infastructure for long-lasting change.

Bring Back Holiday Meaning

So, there you have it. For any gift giving opportunities you have left this season, let’s make them truly meaningful. Take a moment to make a difference; in more ways than one.

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