Stress-free, Zero Waste Valentine’s Ideas

As moms, we aspire to make every holiday special for our kids. As environmentalist moms, though, we struggle with how to join in on the fun without adding to the world’s waste.

How do we make our children feel extra special without glitter and cellophane and colored foil? Where there is a will, there’s a way!

Here are several stress-free, zero waste Valentine’s ideas to make your child feel absolutely adored:

Valentine’s day Cupid’s Arrow Pancake Kabobs

zero waste Valentine’s ideas

This is guaranteed to be a fun breakfast for your kids to wake up to. The added bonus is how healthy and free from all those added sugars you can make it.

For a healthier pancake, try this amazing vegan version; free from refined sugars and chock full of fiber!

Avoid glyphosate by purchasing organic oats and berries. Top with pure maple syrup.

Valentine’s day Crochet Garland Decor

Not all hearts are unsustainable

Skip the flimsy, plastic hearts and cupids that don’t last till the next holiday. The landfills will be grateful. Instead, opt for a more durable decor such as this adorable hand-crocheted heart garland. If the garland isn’t your thing, has a variety of other options for your eco-friendly celebrating pleasure.

Eco-friendly Valentines to Make with your Kids

Zero waste ideas for cards that come from the heart

Do you abhor the showering of crap candy and single-use plastics that flows into your home on V-day afternoon? I know I do. Be the change you wish to see. Here are 6 awesome zero waste Valentine’s ideas you can send to school with your kids as alternatives.

Upcycled Valentine’s day Gifts

Give Valentine’s gifts that have multiple lives

I absolutely love this list of upcycled gifting options, all with a Valentine theme. It includes homemade gifts that would be perfect for kids, parents, teachers, grandparents and anyone else who deserves a thoughtful treat. Maybe just skip the glitter 😉

What are some zero waste Valentine’s ideas you are using to give your kids a more eco-friendly, Valentine’s day? Please share!

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zero waste valentine’s ideas

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  1. The Valentines breakfast is a great idea. I also can’t stand some of the junk that comes home on Valentine’s Day, so the gifts I buy for her are definitely multi use. Usually, they don’t even have anything to do with Valentine’s Day, but I still wanted to get her something to make her feel special. It’s also not candy, so I solve two problems. Thank you for sharing.

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