A Spring Break Staycation in 3 Easy Steps

Today’s families are notorious for constantly being on the go to activities, events and other fandangos. It’s just become a way of life for many of us. But we can’t keep that pace up non-stop, or the whole train is liable to go up in smoke. Every one of us deserves a break.

I love to travel more than anything, but sometimes it just isn’t feasible. Perhaps work schedules don’t allow, the money isn’t there, OR you just don’t feel like contributing to the carbon imprint on that level. In that case, there is no better way to get away than by celebrating what your own surroundings have to offer. Here’s how you can put together a spring break staycation in 3 easy steps.

1. Choose the Lodging


AirBnb has become my go-to for reasonably-priced lodging where we are able to spread out and live comfortably as a family. It also feels so much nicer to make ourselves at home in a space that has a little bit of flair to it, rather than staring at the typical predictable hotel room scene.

Your Own Home

If you are really looking to save some money, don’t feel like it’s a requirement to pay for lodging in order to have a fun vacation. The focus should be more on what you’re doing together, not where you’re doing it. You can make it all happen right from your own home base!

Camping Out

Depending on which climate you live in, camping out could totally be an option for your family. Whether you pitch your tent at a KOA campground, a National park or in your own backyard; this can be an adventure your family will never forget.

2. List the Activities

Honestly, the activity options are endless. Just think about all the fun stuff your family members wish they could do or try if they only had the time available to them. Perhaps keep a running list on the fridge for a week or so to get a general idea. Or post this list of ideas and tally up the results!

  • Museums
  • Factory tours
  • National/State Parks
  • Local farms
  • Local Events – check Facebook events, Macaroni Kid, local family fun blogs, Groupon & other discount sites, etc
  • Day trips – check your state’s tourism website for charming towns, thrilling amusement parks, unique events, and other attractions that are within a few hours’ drive.
  • Film Festival – choose a theme and put together a movie night
  • Volunteer – pick a cause that is near and dear to your family and seek out organizations where you can volunteer together toward that cause
  • Scavenger hunt – I find these activities to be so memorable AND there are so many ways to go about it
  • Cultural themes – Select a culture (i.e. Chinese, Mexican, American Indian, etc) to celebrate for a day; prepare a meal/dine at a restaurant, listen to music, watch documentaries, read about or honor the chosen culture in any ways you prefer.
  • Recycled art competition – Go through your recyclables and challenge family members to come up with their most creative and unique reuse ideas;award prizes for different categories
  • Try one of these ideas to get the kids out in nature
  • Use some of these sensory play ideas to keep the younger ones entertained
  • Allow each family member to choose the activities for one day

3. Plan the Meals

Dining In

If you’re on a budget, it’s best to plan for at least some of your meals to be homemade. This is also the healthier option, though not always possible, depending on accomodations. Here are some fun ideas for simple meals you can enjoy in a hotel room with very limited tools. Or bring your instantpot and try some of these.

Thrive Market.com is a great source for ordering healthy snacks and other ingredients for quick meal creations.

Dining Out

Since you are on vacation, it’s nice to sprinkle in at least some restaurant meals as well. Make a list of places your family has been dying to try. A new cuisine, a trendy vegan option, a fancy splurge . . get everyone involved in making a list that fits your budget.

A Spring Break Staycation in 3 Easy Steps

There you have it! You will be kinder to your budget and your environment–and it only takes 3 easy steps to put together your spring break staycation!

Have you put together a staycation for your family? Tell us about it!

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