The Secret to Zero Waste Milk in 60 Seconds

As a busy mom who is concerned about her children’s future environment, I am always searching for convenient ways to live a more zero waste lifestyle. As a regular Thrive Market shopper, I kept coming across this product called “Modest Mylk.” Curious, and quite interested after reading their snippet about it, I moved it to my cart. A few days later when it arrived, I learned the secret to zero waste milk in one minute flat.

What is Mylk?

Modest Mylk is a concentrated portion of the ingredients that go into milk substitutes like coconut and oat milk, before the liquid is mixed in. Thrive also carries Mylk in macadamia nut, cashew and vanilla versions. It comes in a small jar, and by merely blending with water you can make enough milk to fill 11 of those shelf-stable cartons that you typically find in your local grocery.

Zero waste milk

Tetrapak & The Environment

What is so bad about those shelf-stable containers, otherwise known as tetrapaks? Well, according to Earth 911, they are typically made up of 74% paper, 22% plastic and 4% aluminum. And yes, they can be recycled. The problem is that–as with most waste that we deposit in our recycling–there is no guarantee that it will actually get recycled.

There is also a lot of energy involved in separating these materials, AND the recycling of these materials can only occur a limited number of times before they are deemed unusable. With glass this is not the case. Here is more info on how tetrapaks are actually environmentally unfriendly.

Tetrapaks are not that eco-friendly

The Ingredients List

After examining the ingredients listed in the Modest Mylk base products, the toxins nerd in me is quite content as well. There are no added sugars, no possibly carcinogenic Carageenen preservative, and no synthetic vitamins. The product is simple and to the point, as it should be. This green mama is pleased.

Zero Waste Milk

A jar of this Mylk base is currently well under the price I would pay for 11 tetrapak cartons of standard coconut or almond milk. And it did, in fact, only take me 60 seconds to scoop some of it into a blender, add water and blend to consistency. I then stored it in my reusable glass pitcher and stirred a bit when we needed to pull it out for use.

So I bet you are wondering how my Mylk product turned out? Well, while I was happy with my Mylk and it was definitely sufficient for our typical milk uses (i.e. coffee, smoothies, cereal, etc); I honestly wasn’t in love with the coconut version. But then again, I am not a big coconut milk fan in general. So I am getting ready to purchase the remaining nut milk bases.

Modest Mylk is zero waste milk

An Awesome Deal

Why am I planning to purchase so many? Well, because I love the product concept, I value and respect Thrive Market, AND they are currently running a 20% off sale that will be ending on March 1st.

Overall I am highly satisfied with this innovative new zero waste milk. I saved money, I have one small jar that is reusable or recyclable AND my kids didn’t notice the difference when I used it in a smoothie or their cereal. I am now anxious to try the other versions to find a favorite that we will be happy drinking straight from a glass.

Have you heard about or tried Modest Mylk? What are your thoughts?

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  1. I’ve never heard of this! Sounds super interesting, I’m not a coconut milk fan either – curious to see which flavor can be drank straight. Keep us posted!

  2. I’m not totally sold on “zero waste”. What about industrial ag needed to grow and harvest the oat flour? Is importing cashews and coconut oil zero waste? I’ll stick to raw milk from a small family farm!

    1. Few things are completely zero waste, but the goal is to get as close as possible. I agree, your way is better, but not everyone has access to that option. We do the best we can with what we’ve got.

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