39 Ways for Moms to Stay in Shape While Avoiding the Coronavirus

It seems like we went to bed one night when all was well and woke up to Corona mayhem, doesn’t it? Personally, I was already in search of online substitutes to my current gym routine due to an upcoming move. So I have done this research for you and I, both. Here are 39 ways for us moms to stay in shape while avoiding the Coronavirus.


There is something so convenient about having quick access to a workout right from your smartphone, isn’t there? And who knew there was such a variety to choose from?!

30 Day Fitness Challenge Pro

Daily Workouts

Female Fitness



Map My Fitness

Nike Training App




Sometimes it helps to have an experienced professional to guide and motivate you through your exercise routine. I found a few sites that are more coach-based, so that you can get a little personal training to stay in shape while avoiding the Coronavirus.

Jillian Michaels



For some of us, success is all about accountability. Here is a program that focuses on community support for encouragement toward your goals.

Fit Girls Guide


Create an at-home-workout to stay in shape while avoiding the Coronavirus

Interval Timer – use this tool to time each exercise

Equipment Options

Sometimes bodyweight exercises are all you really need. Other times it’s nice to be able to mix it up a little. Here are some options for equipment that could give your workouts that extra oomph.

Kettlebell Workouts

The Mirror


stay in shape
Kettlebells for staying in shape while avoiding the Coronavirus


Who doesn’t love a workout that doesn’t cost a dime?! You can build your bank account while waiting for this chaos to pass. Here are three great exercise options for those on a tight budget.


Fit On

YouTube Channels

Get the Kids Involved

As a mom, it can be extra challenging to find time to focus on yourself while at home managing everyone else’s needs. Here are some creative ideas to entertain your kids while they also aid you in your workout!

Healthy Groceries

No matter how many jumping jacks you do, you can’t out jump a bag of cheetos. The grocery stores are nuts right now and who wants to deal with that? Try one of these healthy online grocery shopping havens for your peace of mind.

Imperfect Foods

Thrive Market

Orgain Protein Products

Meal Plans

Preparing healthy meals is a snap when someone else is making the plans. Take some of the stress out of life by signing up for one of these awesome meal planning services.

stay in shape

Green Chef

PlateJoy – don’t forget to use my discount code, GOGREEN10


Online Programs

Sometimes we just want someone else to figure it all out for us. We still have to put in the effort, but at least we know someone knowledgeable has put together the plan. Nutrition, exercise, motivation . . . why not have the whole shebang? Here are several that do just that.

Bikini Body Guide (BBG)


Hot Body Sweat Guide


Tone it Up

Tracy Anderson

Quick but Effective

Limited on time? Aren’t we all. . . No worries about time when you have options like these available to you.

Burpee Workouts

The Scientific 7-Minute Workout


When it comes to the right workout, all some of us want to do is just run, run, run! Following are some online resources for running in the right direction–preferably away from the virus 😉

stay in shape

All Trails

Couch to 5k

Zombies, Run!


When all you really need is a good workout that suits your needs, the following options will do just fine.

Beachbody on Demand

Daily Burn

Don’t Just Let it all Go

It may be tempting to just give up on exercise in these crazy days of toilet paper shortages and school closings . . . but don’t do it! Your mental health in the face of isolation, anxiety and chaos needs you to keep moving now more than ever. No one was made to do harder things than a mom. You’ve got this!

So, what are some ways you are incorporating exercise and nutrition into these crazy days of Corona? If you are still in need of some handsoap and are having trouble securing some that is toxin-free, follow this link for an awesome option!

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stay in shape


  1. It is good for moms to prevent coronavirus because they are responsible to take care of whole family. If they become infected, it can create trouble for the whole family.

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