40 Awesome Resources to Help Green Mamas Survive Social Distancing

Phew! It’s been a week, hasn’t it?

Whether you were already a homeschool mom or not, I think all of us can agree that this is not our normal. I happen to be a big homebody myself, but I live for my coffee shop happy place on Monday/Wednesday/Fridays from 1 to 3:30 p.m. while my youngest is in preschool.

It’s not easy to deal with all of our responsibilities when our social outlets are taken from us. Being cooped up under the same roof 24/7 with all of our beloved family members is not normal. But since it is very necessary right now, I am oh so thankful for all of the fabulous resources that are popping up online to help us cope.

Here are 40 awesome resources to help green mamas survive social distancing.


Adopt a Senior and start a pen pal exchange with the elderly, who are feeling especially isolated about now.

Volunteer to sew medical masks to help prepare for the massive amounts that will be required for medical personnel to deal with all of this illness

Support struggling artists by attending the Handmade Omaha Cybershow.

Now is the perfect time to order a gift certificate from your favorite small businesses

Or try some of these routes to make the most of what you can do in this time of great need.


survive social distancing
Survive Social Distancing With Homeschooling Resources

Set up

Read Wellness Mama’s fabulous guide on setting up a homeschool classroom.


Audible.com is offering free access to hundreds of children’s titles.

Use Muzzy to teach your children a new language on their level.

Scholastic Learn at Home provides daily book-based lessons with numerous follow-up activities.

With Storyline Online, your kids have the opportunity to watch celebrities read their favorite books in fun, new ways.

What kid wouldn’t get excited about Storytime from Space?

Vooks allows your family to bring their favorite children’s books to life.

Science & Social Studies

Here is a list of Podcasts Kids will Love.


My talented cousin just started offering these fun art classes for kids.

Or check out these other Free Art Lessons for kids on YouTube.

Music Art is a simple and multifaceted learning activity created by an educator friend.

Special Education

Fluency and Fitness is an innovative method of instruction for kids who struggle to focus.

A little bit of Everything

Outschool offers a wonderful variety of courses directed at kids.

Virtual Field Trips are all the rage right now.


survive social distancing
Survive Social Distancing With Parenting Support


Find solace in the valuable resources of Messy Motherhood’s “School is Cancelled” survival kit.

Gain parenting skills and comraderie with the knowledgable Rachel Bailey’s “Your Parenting Long Game” Podcast Community.


Momentarily escape from the insanity with a virtual zoo trip.

Or do a virtual tour of one of 32 national parks.


survive social distancing
Survive Social Distancing With Productivity


Sign up for this Herbal Intensive Program that is now virtual!

Learn new languages for life by signing up for the Mondly app.

Take advantage of The Ayurveda Experience‘s amazing “pay-what-you-can” sale!

Take a class from Class Central, such as the timely Positive Psychology: Resilience skills.


Refi your student loan–rates are at 4.25%! Credible can help you find your best rates.


Take on one of these decluttering projects that will make confinement feel a little less chaotic.

Self Care

survive social distancing
Survive Social Distancing With Self Care

Mental Health

Try reading some POSITIVE news for a change!

Annie’s Kit Club offers numerous crafting kits to choose from to help beat boredom.

Completely remove yourself from the toilet paper madness by ordering a bidet now!

Whole Foods

Learn to make homemade sauerkraut for gut health.

Yoga & Meditation

Try one of Omaha Integrative Care‘s many yoga courses online.

Keep up your meditation practice virtually with Yoga Now.

Benefit from the healing powers of Qui Gong.

Survive Social Distancing

survive social distancing
Survive Social Distancing With Social Media

Safe Options

Try one of the many video chat apps for staying virtually connected. There are even several group options.

If you would prefer to focus on something more positive than the Coronavirus right now, check out the Rise Above Event.

Find a drive-in movie theater near you!


survive social distancing
Survive Social Distancing With Online Supply Sources

Earth Hero is a fabulous new find for zero waste essentials, sustainable clothing, toxin-free products and much more!!

Public Goods is another great alternative when your Thrive Market delivery estimate is two weeks out.

Do you have a favorite resource that’s not on this list? Please share!!

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survive social distancing


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