How to Find Peace in Nature Through The Senses

COVID-19 Life Can be Intense

Nothing is normal right now. We’ve all been told to stay home and share a space with our families 24-7 for who knows how long. They’re good people and all, but there’s a reason we generally escape from their grips every now and then. Here are 20 simple ways to walk out your backdoor and find peace in nature, using each and every one of your senses.

Of course, these activities will look differently depending upon your location. A homesteader in rural Georgia is likely going to experience these things more freely than an apartment dweller in the Bronx. However, that does not mean that they are not all doable in some form. Even if you have to wander to a nearby park, it is most often achievable.

Find Peace in Nature . .

Through Your Sense of Touch

find peace in nature
Find peace in nature through gardening

Love yoga? Try engaging in your downward dogs and sun salutations while connecting with your lawn.

Do some sunbathing. The natural vitamin D coming from the sun, combined with the exposure to clean, fresh air, can really do wonders for our mood.

Wander barefoot through a stream or other nearby water source, if you have one.

Get your hands in that soil and plant a garden. You will reap the rewards in a few months when all the neighbors are jealous of your ongoing produce supply. Here is a fabulous how-to guide by fellow blogger, Laura, of Reduce, Reuse, Renew.

Experiment with the interesting relaxation technique of Barefoot Breathing.

Through Your Sense of Sight

find peace in nature
Find peace in birdwatching

Many of us are fortunate enough to at least have access to small creatures, like bunnies and squirrels, on occasion. Some will even be graced by a deer once in a while. Observing the slow pace of animals can really help slow ourselves down

Use your imagination to uncover the images in the shapes the clouds make.

After dark, you can grab a blanket and lie under the stars. If you’d like to know what you’re looking at, here’s a guide.

Pick wildflowers and put together a beautiful bouquet for Easter dinner.

Set up a bird bath or feeder and prepare for many mornings of leisurely viewing.

Through Your Sense of Taste

find peace in nature
Find peace in nature through picnicking in your backyard

Have a picnic in your backyard! You can enjoy all of your favorite flavors while basking in the breeze.

Through Your Sense of Hearing

find peace in nature
Find peace in nature through listening

Close your eyes and make a mental note of the different sounds you hear.

Through Your Sense of Smell

find peace in nature
Find peace in nature through smelling the flowers

Take in the scents of all the flowers and other plants you find in your yard. Remember which ones you find most pleasant, and revisit them when you need comforting.

Through Your Sense of Activism

find peace in nature
Find peace in nature through environmental activism

Get your heart involved, too, and pick up any trash you find along your road.

Save some energy resources and hang up your laundry on the line

Through All of The Senses Combined

find peace in nature
Find peace in nature through journaling

Do you enjoy journaling? If so, you might give nature journaling a try

Go for a walk. It’s good exercise, and you can get your nature fix at the same time

Allow the trees to inspire you with lines of poetry.

Choose a good book to immerse yourself in, and take it outdoors!

Are you a happy camper? Pitch a tent in your backyard–or be really brave and sleep right under the stars.

There is no better place for meditation than in the great outdoors where you can truly connect and ground yourself to nature.

Step into Meditation

The great outdoors is always at your fingertips. So you can always find a moments peace–just follow your senses through your backdoor!

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What is your favorite way to find peace in nature?

find peace in nature
Find peace in nature through the senses


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