How to Maintain a Clean, Green Lifestyle During COVID-19

When life gets tough, I know I tend to be drawn toward simple and efficient living. It’s as if everything going on around us is too much to process, and we just need to bypass some of the noise in order to survive. I’m sure many of you are experiencing the same during this “awkward adolescence” era in time.

So how do we avoid this lazy sense of survival and manage to hang on to the clean, green lifestyle choices that are still our values underneath all the haze? Following are 12 blog posts from natural living bloggers that cover how to keep eating, living, moving and breathing according to these values that we hold so dear. Learn how to maintain a clean, green lifestyle during COVID-19.

Preventing Contamination

Wash your hands! Everyone everywhere is repeating this advice fervently. This is important, but have you stopped to read the ingredients on your labels? It looks like we need to be concerned about the Coronavirus for the long-term now, but preventing it now does not have to mean adding new toxins to our already overloaded systems.

Try my non-toxic but effective soap recipe below that only takes 5 minutes to make. It also makes an excellent Mother’s Day gift.

Next is a recent guest post I did for Optimized Life. In it, I discuss the importance of the microbiome and how keeping it healthy and balanced can significantly improve our immune defenses against COVID-19.

Feeding Your Family

Even those of us who love to cook are probably starting to feel the exhaustion of pumping out three healthy meals a day and a few snacks, right? I know, I never signed up to operate a restaurant, but some days it sure feels like I’m a short order cook.

We don’t want our kids to go hungry, we don’t want to resort to mac n cheese for every meal, yet we also don’t have the time or energy to set up a whole foods buffet everyday. So what does a green mama do? Well she defers to the bloggers, that’s what!

Let’s start with that pantry! You know all those beans and sardines have got to create something, but what? Darcy at Preserving My Sanity has some great ideas for How to Feed Your Family with Staple Foods.

Now that you have your healthy pantry meal on the table, what are you going to do to satisfy all those hunger pangs your littles seem to have every other second of the day? You’re in luck! Sara at Clean Living with Kids just put together this post, that I was fortunate to be a part of

Now, how many of you are struggling to ignore all those unhealthy comfort foods that are so tempting for appeasing your fears at this time of great uncertainty? Sure, that first donut morsel may be quite orgasmic, but none of us wants to be rolled out of our quarantine when this is over.

Fortunately, Sandra at Optimized Life is here for us in our time of need.

Are you finding that you cannot live without groceries, but leaving your home has become a terrifying ordeal? Are you also struggling to find the clean groceries that your healthy lifestyle requires, in stock? Don’t fret! I created the following comprehensive list of clean living deliveries for that very reason.

Reducing Your Waste, Anyway

And here is some additional valuable advice on doing what you can to continue your zero waste lifestyle efforts, by one of my favorite bloggers, Laura at The Reduce Reuse Renew Blog.

Want to learn more ways you can help the environment while you are home abiding your quarantine obligations? Check out this post by the fabulous Sunshine Guerrilla.

Continuing to Move Your Body

All the world’s best health gurus took a poll and the word is out—moving is one of the most beneficial things we can do for our mind and body during this time of great insanity. Here to help you find your moves is this recent post I did regarding all the ways to stay in shape using only online resources from the comfort of your home.

None of the above ways leave you inspired? Here are 13 more awesome options for moving your body and keeping up the healthy lifestyle momentum. So pertinent to our survival right now. Thank you, Desiree at Fitmomology!

Practicing Mindfulness

That brings us to the absolute necessity of practicing mindfulness. Seriously, has there ever been a time when we needed to zone out and just be, any more than we do right in this very moment?

I don’t know about you, but my very survival depends upon finding ways to observe and appreciate the present moment. It’s right up there with handwashing! So here are 14 Ways to Incorporate Mindfulness During Times of Uncertainty, courtesy of Reduce, Reuse, Renew.

I’ll wrap this up with my own post that will guide you toward the usefulness of your own natural surrounding in uncovering the gift of the present moment.

We Are All in This Together

Allow yourself some grace and reach out for assistance in navigating through this path of uncertainty. Think about the last time you struggled through a challenging situation. Rely upon your strengths and the strengths of others. As always, we will make it through to the other side. We are all in this together.

Who has been your favorite natural living blogger to follow during this crazy COVID time?

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maintain a green lifestyle during COVID-19
maintain a green lifestyle during COVID-19


  1. Doing exercise and not overeating are two challenges i am dealing with at this point. Great tips to overcome these.

  2. These are great tips. Its definitely way harder to get moving these days but we try to take walks around the neighborhood daily.

  3. These are some great tips! I totally feel the part where moms are tired of pumping out 3 healthy meals a day and a few snacks! It gets exhausting. We’ve done so much better at making meals out of what we have on hand though which has been nice!

  4. Good reminders – as the “stay-at-home” restrictions drag on it’s easy to get discouraged and lazy when it comes to doing the right things!

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