36 Zero Waste Activities for Kids

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I’m sure your kids probably use the phrase, “Mom, I’m bored!” as often as mine do. That is in a typical summer. But here we are already two months into our time at home and we are just getting started.

Five or six months is a loooong time to keep everyone entertained. You are gonna need some help. Pinterest is great, but they have a lot of wasteful ideas. Here is my list of 36 zero waste family activities to help get you through this challenging summer.

Get Outdoors

1. Go for a hike and plant a tree.

2. Have the kids run through the sprinkler in areas that need watering.

3. Stay up late stargazing.

4. Find a local farm where you can go berry picking.

5. Pitch a tent in the backyard.

6. Choose one of these handmade kites and then fly it.

7. Feed the ducks peas & lettuce, not bread.

8. Go on a hunt for street art to inspire your next mural.

9. Get into geocaching.

Nurture the Environment

10. Plant bee-friendly flowers.

11. Go plogging.

12. Plan a litter scavenger hunt.

Create Something

13. Host a zero waste cooking or baking challenge.

14. Host a tea party with real finger food.

15. Design & sew doll clothes.

16. Put together a spinning nerf gun target.

17. Make your own comic strip.

18. Try creating your own bath bombs.

19. Follow The Crafty Mum on Instagram.

Repurpose Household Items

20. Try some of these DIY up-cycling projects for kids.

21. Make your own fairy garden furniture out of leftover popsicle sticks.

22. Assemble this for making bubble snakes.

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24. Find some twigs and assemble this adorable hanging heart.

25. Here is an awesome sunvisor made out of paper plates.

26. Put together a ball maze with all of those empty t.p. rolls!

Get Physical

27. Set up an obstacle course.

28. Learn a dance from YouTube.

Learn Something

29. Download this app & find out about the birds in your area.

30. Start an indoor herb garden.

31. Write messages in invisible ink.

32. Try one of the many virtual summer camps, some of which are free.

Use Your Imagination

33. Build a blanket or pillow fort.

34. Make paper dolls.

35. Assemble a fairy garden.

36. Create a treasure map.

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zero waste activities for kids


  1. There are so many good ideas here! I can’t wait to try some of them 🙂

    I might have to save this list or print it out so that I can remember and plan!

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