Healthy Summer Recipes For Your Family

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Summertime is for easy eats and enjoying the sunshine. This season also brings with it smoking hot temps that make a mama start sweating before she even gets out the pan!

But it’s the year of COVID-19, so we can’t afford to slip up too much with our healthy eating habits. Before you throw your hands up and order GrubHub, why not give one of these easy, healthy meal ideas a try. You will find ideas for breakfast, dinner, snacks and even entertaining, below. Don’t be afraid to try something new, and encourage your little ones to cook right along with you.

For Breakfast

It’s easy to start your summer days with a hearty breakfast, when you can whip up this filling meal. My family adores an oatmeal custard. Try this one by 5 to 9 Mom.

For Dinner

I love a healthy summer salad as much as a hearty winter soup. Light, healthy and quick, for the win!

18 Delicious, Healthy Summer Recipes by The Girl on Bloor

Blackberry Chicken Salad by I Am Homesteader

For the Slow Cooker

There is nothing like the luxury of tossing some ingredients in a slow cooker and being done with dinner before noon. Summertime is a perfect time for lazy cooking.

Ridiculously Easy Summer Recipes to Throw in Your Slow Cooker by Real Food, Whole Life

For Snacks

Do your kids ask for snacks every five minutes like mine do? We need healthy, fun and quick ideas, and these are perfect!

11 Easy Healthy Snacks by Clean Living with Kids

Healthy Fruit Salsa with Cinnamon Sugar Pita Chips by What Molly Made

Owl Rice Cakes

For Grilling

Isn’t it a treat to be able to enjoy the great outdoors while you eat? Grills are now on sale, and there are so many recipe options–even for vegans!

18 Healthy Whole 30 Grilling Recipes by The Whole Cook

45+ Easy Vegan Grilling & BBQ Recipes You Need This Summer by 2 Share my Joy

For Outdoor Gatherings

There may not be quite as many potlucks and barbecues this year; but when the occasion does arise, you will be prepared with these amazing options. I even included alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for your imbibing pleasure.

No-Mayo Potato Salad by foodiecrush

Do any of these summer recipes look good to you?

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healthy summer recipes
healthy summer recipes

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