9 Clean Living Tools to Improve Your Family Life

A new season

As moms, many of us are embarking on a new season. A season where our time is not our own. We are being asked to balance work, managing our household, and schooling our children. Meanwhile, we must figure out how to squeeze a little fun and flavor in as well. We must somehow preserve who we are.

We need resources

Some of us have managed to accomplish all of this, all along. We can rely on their wisdom and support. However, all of us have our days. Furthermore, none of us can do it all without a few great resources along the way. Here are some of the best in my own arsenal. Let me share with you, 9 clean living tools to improve your family life.

A grocery bag containing lettuce, tomatoes and two fresh loaves of bread.
Meal subscription services can improve your family life

Hungryroot will Improve your Family Life

A meal planning/grocery combo!

Let me tell you about this new meal subscription service I signed up for a few months ago. It’s called Hungryroot, and it consists of groceries and the recipes to go along with them. Much of the inventory is vegan, so it helps our family eat a more plant-based diet. The recipes are also simple and quick, which enables us to save time during a busy week. The best part is, unlike most prepackaged foods, Hungryroot’s products contain fewer and more “real” ingredients. The only negative is that not all of their foods are certified USDA organic, although a good amount of them are non-gmo verified.

Sooo customizable!

Each week I am able to completely customize my delivery based on how many lunches, dinners, breakfasts, snacks and desserts I would like covered for. I can also select whatever diet I choose (i.e. vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, etc) based on my family’s dietary needs. The recipes they give you include quick meals such as stirfrys, wraps, grain bowls, pastas, salads, etc. You are able to go through their entire list of grocery options and select “often,” “sometimes,” or “never.”

This link will allow you to receive $15 off your first order!

A variety of healthy groceries delivered by Hungryroot, including butternut squash crackers, toasted coconut clusters, zucchini slices, sourdough bread, plant-based sausages, kale pesto, vegan cheese and more!
my weekly Hungyroot delivery!

Misfits Market is a Clean Living Tool

Produce deliveries are the best!

I love produce deliveries. They contain so much variety and allow you to try out unique fruits and vegetables that you don’t always grab at your local grocery. Having lived all over the country, I have had experiences with a few different ones, but right now I am loving my Misfits Market subscription box.

Select “a little” or “a lot

With Misfits you can either select the smaller Mischief option for those families using less produce due to size or consumption, or you can opt for the larger Madness box. The Madness box is especially good for vegan or vegetarian families. You can also select whether you would like your choice of box to arrive weekly or bi-weekly.

Oh, the options!

I love the flexibility, and after being a member for a month or so, I gained the privilege of selecting exactly which types of produce I wanted to be included in my box. There is also an option for add-ons such as cereals, coffees, sweets, and other specialty produce items. As a green mama, I also couldn’t help but be drawn to the idea of purchasing produce items that the stores tend to reject solely based on an “inadequate shape.”

Save some dough

If you would like to join the misshapen produce club and save some money on delicious fruits and vegetables whose only fault is appearance; use the code, COOKWME-PN8ZTC, for 25% off your first shipment. All of the produce is guaranteed to be USDA certified organic AND non-gmo verified!

Platejoy will Help your Household Function Smoothl

Meal planning perfection

Platejoy is a meal planning service with a ton of customization options to make this tedious part of life operate like a machine. The meals are interesting, appetizing and healthy; and I have absolutely loved having this service to rely upon over the last year.

For each and every dietary restriction

Customization options include dietary restrictions (i.e. vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, paleo, keto, etc), weight loss goals (calorie intake), seasonal produce, budget considerations and more! There are options to include breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and snack recipes in whatever amount your meal planning requires.

You can save money

Platejoy inquires about which ingredients you already have on hand before making your list in order to avoid overbuying. You can even connect your ingredient list to your Instacart account for easy, automated shopping! Use code, GOGREEN10 to receive $10 off at checkout!

tiles spelling out self care laying on a marble slab with pink and white artificial flowers framing the corners at the above left and below right.
self care is critical during covid-19

The Self care Bundle is a Clean Living Tool

You could use some self care

Self-care is always under supply in this crazy, beautiful world; but right about now the madness of 2020 has made taking care of ourselves even more of a priority. Money , time and ideas may be running a little short right now, but don’t fret. Our friends at Ultimate Bundles have come together to create a very affordable, very comprehensive bundle of nurturing options that will suit any mama’s needs.

Self care options for all

This self-care goldmine includes 5 ebooks, 8 ecourses and 9 printables guiding you in everything from creating a self-care plan that works for you, forming a more positive mindset, creating luxury products at home on a budget, resetting your hormones, and so much more. There are 22 products at a fraction of their original costs and this bundle is only available for purchase for a limited time.

Beautycounter‘s Toxin-free Handsoap

Not all soap is good for us

We’re all soaping up our hands like crazy right now. It may seem as if the only thing that should matter with the product we choose is how effectively it kills germs, viruses in particular. But do you really want your soap to also be inserting harsh chemicals into your family’s bloodstream? It doesn’t have to be that way.

A soap you can trust

Beautycounter‘s Citrus Mimosa Handwash uses all natural fragrances, no triclosan, no SLS, and no parabens. And here are several other handsoaps that are equally effective and safe.

fuschia, lime, and rose bar soaps piled into a wooden circular tray with garnishes of floral, herbs and stones.
killing germs safely is key right now

Earth Hero‘s Completely Clean Hand Sanitizer

Safety and sustainability

Earth Hero is another company that focuses not only on toxin-free products, but also sustainable ones. They offer several different sanitizers and disinfectants that you can trust to be safe for your children’s back-to-school needs. They are even providing a 10% discount using the code, BACKTOSCHOOL.

Handmade 100% Organic Cotton Masks

Every concerned green mama out there has reusable cotton masks on her shopping agenda this year. We aren’t used to making this purchase; therefore, we don’t always have the instincts to stop and consider what it is made of. As with any conventional piece of fabric, there are pesticides involved in it’s manufacture. That is why you need to look for organic when mask shopping as well. Or, at the very least, wash them several times before wearing. You can also safely opt for a more natural fabric, such as linen, that doesn’t require the use of pesticides.

Etsy is a great resource for masks. Here are a few of my favorites:

Naturally dyed, organic cotton face masks by Joretta

Reversible linen face masks

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