6 Secrets to Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

According to statistics, more than 164 million Americans struggle with getting a good night’s sleep. With the onset of COVID-19 and all of the extra anxieties and stressors this pandemic brings with it, these numbers are likely much greater.

Sleep is everything. Its quality determines our mood, our interactions with others, our productivity, our healthy weight maintenance, our susceptibility to other health issues, and the list goes on. We all deserve to sleep, and in these busy times we need it now more than ever. Here are 6 secrets to getting a good night’s sleep every time you lay down your head to rest.

Examine your Diet

As with anything going on with your mind and/or body, what you feed it plays a huge role. When trying to figure out what dietary changes I need to make to determine adjustments and set goals, I like to use a food tracking app for at least a few days. That way I can see what I’m actually eating on a regular basis, since it’s so easy to lose track through the course of a day.

Caffeine intake

My routine craves that cup or two of coffee in the morning. However, if you are someone who is super sensitive to caffeine, this could be something you want to try skipping or at least reducing. Here are some alternatives.

Black tea
Mushroom coffee

Whatever you decide in regards to caffeine intake, I highly recommend you do not consume it after noon.

For information on how to prepare a toxin-free cup of coffee, here is my post on that:

Alcohol consumption

While it’s true that alcohol can make you sleepy, it also tends to interrupt quality sleep. So try to limit your intake to one glass or commit yourself to taking a break for awhile.

Refined sugars

Refined sugars are never a good thing–other than for the tastebuds–but they can be especially bad for sleep since they tend to make us more alert and hyper. If you can’t do without that piece of cake after dinner, at least make sure it’s not within an hour of your bedtime.

If you’re looking for a way to quit sugar completely, this post may be of interest to you:

Add Supplements

Nearly 9 million Americans are taking some type of prescription sleep aid. It can be a frustrating and vicious cycle trying to pin down a solution to restless nights, but it is always best to at least give the more natural supplements a try first. Prescription medication can be highly addictive.

Following are two that can be the most effective AND offer little to no side effects.


So many of us are deficient in magnesium due to a decrease of this naturally-occurring mineral in the soil, and therefore, the plants we eat. High levels of magnesium can be found in certain nuts, seeds, greens, beans, and whole grains.

If you struggle to get enough of this supplement through your diet, Natural Calm is a citrus-flavored magnesium powder that you can add to some water before bed. Many green mamas swear by it, but personally I struggle with the taste so I prefer a daily pill supplement from Thrive Market.

wonderfully made TN mag spray on etsy

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Lavender Oil

eh pillow spray

Bedtime Relaxation




sleeping bear tea on etsy

Create a Sleep-inducing Atmosphere

Blackout Curtains

Eye Mask

bamboo lyocell eye mask from EH

A Toxin-free Mattress

naturepedic from eh

mattress topper


bamboo sheet set, eh


Peaceful Sounds


Filtered Air

Alternative Treatments

Light Therapy


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