6 Unique Ways to Upcycle Your Trash into Fall Decor

Celebrating without the Waste

Do you love to decorate for the fall season, but hate investing in items that will eventually end up sitting in a landfill for hundreds of years?

I think most of us can agree that without the changing of the seasons and all of the different holidays, life would become a little mundane.

There is a certain sense of novelty and sparkle in the coming of traditions that we only take pleasure in once a year.

fall leaves on a tree
Celebrate the beauty of fall

Families need novelty more than ever this year, but our planet does not need more opportunities to feed the landfills.

Thankfully, we can celebrate the nuances of the fall season without indulging in cartloads full of plastic decor.

Here are 6 unique ways to upcycle your trash into fall decor.

Pasta Jars turned into Centerpieces

several jars of marinara sauce
Upcycle your trash into fall decor

The Mindfully Scientific Mama offers multiple unique ways to reuse your pasta jars in this festive fall blog post. She explains how to create table centerpieces and tealights that will impress any guest.

Water Bottles turned into Pumpkins

tons of plastic bottles

Upcycle your trash into fall decor

Here, About a Mom blogger creates the most adorable little pumpkins using only leftover plastic water bottles, orange tissue paper and brown felt for the stems. We all try our best to avoid plastic, but even the most conscious mom can end up with a water bottle or two on occasion. What a cute way to repurpose plastic!

Receipts turned into Paper Mache

a stack of receipts

Did you realize that all those receipts we receive from coffee shops, clothing stores and other retailers are not recyclable? They contain bpa–a harmful substance found in a lot of plastics. Thanks to the Gold Hive, however; we can now combine them with other non-recyclables such as dryer lint to make a trash pumpkin!

Aluminum Cans turned into Owls

rows of Goya canned foods in a store
Tin cans make great upcycled fall decor

Canned foods are another item that I attempt to avoid due to their plastic linings (with the exception of a few brands). This especially holds true when it comes to anything containing tomatoes. The acidic quality of this veggie promotes chemical leaching beyond any extent I’m comfortable with. For other foods glass or tetrapaks aren’t always available, however; so I do end up with a few cans. This adorable owl craft by I Heart Crafty Things makes it easier to live with that decision.

Coffee Cans turned into Scarecrows

a folgers coffee can

Old Sweaters turned into Halloween Decor

As we begin to feel a chill in the air and pull out the family sweaters, I’m sure that most of us will find a raggedy, unwearable option or two. What better way to reuse them than to turn them into cozy pumpkins! Here is one way to do it according to Stone Gable Blog.

gray & white sweaters
old sweaters make great upcycled fall decor

If you enjoyed learning about these awesome ways to reuse your trash, you will love my “How to Reuse Practically Anything” guide.

I would love to know which of these ideas you would love to try, or what other ways you have found to upcycle your trash into fall decor.

Following are some more great ways to celebrate a more eco-friendly autumn season!

a "hello fall" sign


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