An Environmentally Friendly Guide to The Teal Pumpkin Project

Are you an eco mom of a kid with allergies who loves the concept of The Teal Pumpkin Project, but hates all the little plastic trinkets that are typically involved? You are in the right place. I am here to provide you with an environmentally friendly guide to help you avoid both waste and anaphylactic shock.

With a rapidly declining environment–and nearly six million kids under the age of 18 now suffering from food allergies in this country–this is becoming more and more of an issue that needs to be addressed.

Doesn’t every kid deserve to have good memories of this treasured American holiday to look back upon?

The Teal Pumpkin Project

When you set out a teal colored pumpkin on your front step, you are basically agreeing to offer an alternative to food items when you receive trick or treaters. 

So what exactly could these “non food items” be? Well, they are most often a variety of cheap plastic trinkets that are bought in bulk and then either break or are forgotten about the next day. As an eco mom, however, I like to avoid this significant contribution to the landfills.

Here is my list of more environmentally friendly ideas:

Store bought

Sprout pencils that can actually be planted (when they are sharpened down to a nub) to grow an herb

Bloomin’ seed paper shape packs

Temporary tattoos w/veggie based dyes, making them free from toxins

Eraser puzzles, or any type of erasers

Friendship bracelet kits

Stainless steel rainbow straws

Mini coloring books


Sidewalk chalk in Halloween shapes


Mini notebooks

Thrifted bags of miscellaneous small toys & other kid treasures

a little girl trick or treating
environmentally friend guide to the teal pumpkin

A tad more work (make it a fun family project)

Painted monster rocks

Fabric fortune cookies for those of you who can sew a little

Homemade slime or playdough in glass jars

Food items that are highly unlikely to trigger an allergy

Cutie oranges (with sharpie faces)

Natural canned sodas

Provide a holiday themed game or activity

Set up a pumpkin ring toss, using whatever ring shapes you have (mason jar rings, game rings, etc) to toss onto a pumpkin’s stem.

Have a pumpkin painting area with paints, brushes, stencils & some old t-shirt smocks.

Put together a scavenger hunt for kids to fill out as they trick or treat.

a group of jack-o-lanterns all lit up on someone's porch

The Pumpkin

For the pumpkin, a little browsing at will give you an abundance of ideas. Here are a few different ways to go:

Paint a real or thrifted ceramic pumpkin in a teal color.

Add a message in paint, sequins, etc, if you like (i.e. Allergy friendly, Boo, etc).

Feel free to get creative, but try not to go too crazy or it may be harder to identify it as a teal pumpkin project pumpkin.

The Map

How will families know that you are a teal pumpkin participant? Well, luckily, FARE has set up a map link that helps families locate all the teal pumpkins near any address. Simply type the address in and it pulls up a map marking all participants in that area.

So don’t forget to sign your home up as a teal pumpkin participant as well!

And, if you would like a little extra help getting noticed, here is a link to a variety of signs that you can print out to anounce your participation to passersby.

You’re all set!

You’ve got the teal pumpkin, the signs, the allergy friendly treats, AND you’re on the map. You’re all set to give ALL the kids the Halloween they deserve. Ding dong, trick or treat!

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