14 Unique & Healthy Apple Recipes for Fall

I love to take my family fruit picking for many reasons.

1. It shows them where their groceries actually come from.

2. It supports local family farmers.

3. It provides us with safer, lower-pesticide alternatives.

4. It gives us a chance to get out in the fresh air & sunshine, which is especially enjoyable in the fall months.

5. It allows us to enjoy some precious family time!

In celebration of all of the apple harvesting going on this month, here is a roundup of some of the best healthy apple recipes on the internet (in my humble opinion).

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Healthy Apple Recipes for Breakfast

a small white round ceramic bowl with baked apples and oatmeal.
Instantpot oatmeal is a healthy apple recipe for breakfast

I have made Clean Living with Kids’ instantpot apple crisp oatmeal on multiple occasions, and the delightful custardy texture that the egg adds keeps luring me back. It is free from gluten, dairy and refined sugars. This recipe can also easily be converted to vegan simply by omitting the eggs I mentioned.

Another delicious & healthy apple recipe that makes a perfect fall breakfast is this sour cream coffee cake recipe by An Off-grid Life. It is easy and versatile–add any fresh fruit you have on hand. You can also substitute plain greek yogurt for the sour cream, as I did.

If you are a granola fan, check out this apple pie granola, made by A Bite of Healthy. Besides apples, it contains coconut, pumpkins seeds and no refined sugars. Pumpkin seeds are high in magnesium, a nutrient most of us are lacking. This cereal is ready in 30 minutes and also doubles as a snack.

Healthy Apple Recipes as Snacks

two hands passing a few slices of banana bread
apple spice banana bread is a healthy apple recipe for a snack

I love a good quick bread like this Healthy Apple Spice Banana Bread by Real Food with Gratitude. Sweetened with maple syrup, this recipe also calls for a nut butter of your choice, so it packs in the protein, too!

Can’t do all the dairy, gluten and sugar content of an apple pie, but love the taste? Give Mom’s Apple Chai Shake a try! With this shake, J.J. Virgin seems to have concocted a real foods fall treat that almost anyone can enjoy.

I studied toxins with Karen Malkin, so I know she know’s her stuff. I have never had an apple salsa, but doesn’t it sound amazing? It goes great with cinnamon chips, or pair it with brats or a chicken dish.

Healthy Apple Recipes as a Side

a dish of baked apples with 3 fresh apples, some ginger and a cinnamon stick on the side
baked apples are a healthy apple recipe for a side

Oftentimes it is the simplest dishes that are the most satisfying. I think this dish of simple baked apples by Happy Healthy Mama definitely fits into this category.

Healthy Apple Recipes for Dessert

a freshly baked apple pie with a tray filled with apples nearby
apple pie can be a healthy apple recipe

Apple crisp is one of my family’s favorites because it is so simple to make and also satisfies the sweet tooth quite nicely. This Paleo Apple Pecan version by Living Well Mom is not only delicious, but happens to fit both Paleo and Whole 30 diets.

We all know the saying, “as American as apple pie,” but how many of us can actually do a homemade crust well nowadays? Not I!

I am thankful for the quality organic store-bought crusts available now so that I don’t have to wait for mom to visit in order to try this Deep Dish Apple Crumble Pie by Minimalist Baker.

The Minimalist Baker is one of my favorite recipe bloggers because of her focus on limiting ingredients and creating recipes that are both tasty and healthier!

My kids love making cookies with me, so I’m excited to try out these Honey Apple Oatmeal Cookies by Pistachio Project. Doesn’t the combination sound amazing?

Preserving Your Apples for Later Enjoyment

a basket on its side with two jars of applesauce, a few fresh apples and a few yellow leaves scattered about
preserve your favorite healthy apple recipes

Sometimes you just want your apple harvest to last all winter long, and blog posts like this one by Preserving my Sanity on Preserving Applesauce and Apple Butter, help you to do just that.

Other Healthy Uses for Apples

two glass mugs of apple cider garnished with wedges of granny smith apples and cinnamon sticks
there are so many healthy apple recipes

Can you believe how many uses for apples there are?! In case you still have some of these fiber-packed superfoods left, here is Wellness Mama’s recipe for apple cider .

If you’d like a way to reuse all of those apple peelings you are left with, you can also try out The Zero Waste Chef‘s recipe for Apple Scrap Vinegar.

Which recipes entice you to go take your family apple picking? Do you have a favorite healthy apple recipe not listed here? Please share!

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apples hanging from an apple tree

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