7 Simple Ways to Incorporate Environmentalism into Your Homeschooling

As I prepare to homeschool my children for the first time ever, I am considering many different curriculum options. For science, I thought, why not incorporate some learning activities that will encourage and promote one of my most important values–environmentalism.


A compost pile composed of banana peels, other fruit peels and food scraps.

incorporate composting into your homeschool curriculum

Food waste is a huge problem as it contributes nearly 25% of the solid waste found in U.S. households. Once food is thrown away, it is taken to a landfill, where it then reenters the air as harmful greenhouse gas.

Teaching your children the practice of composting will pay dividends toward their future environmental impact, or lack thereof. Check out this awesome comprehensive guide on The Zebra that even includes a downloadable printable. It can be posted on or near your compost bin so that the kids know which scraps can and can’t be included.

what you can and can't compost

Paper making

With all the paper we waste each year, we can build a 12 foot high wall of paper from New York to California!

I love this idea because it’s a great way to reuse all those paper scraps that are inevitable with homeschooling or school in general. Paper production involves not only deforestation, but also excessive oil and water consumption. Take a look at this link for some surprising facts.


Recycling, a practice that used to be seen as one of the best environmental practices available to us, now has a lot of questions. That said, it is still a good option when you have trash and there is really nothing else constructive to convert it into, feasibly.

The following post is the very first one I ever published for this blog, and it holds several good ideas for promoting the concept of recycling with your children.

Get Them Outdoors

It is the children who get to know nature as an invaluable part of their existence who will truly love, nurture and protect it. The following post will provide you with that creative spark you need in order to get them motivated and out the door!

Going Green as a Family

When you tackle something together as a family unit, it is much more likely to “take.” If you are seeking ways to decrease your family’s impact on our planet, this next blog post containing 69 ways to “go green,” is for you!

Green Kids Crafts

This is my all-time favorite kids’ subscription box. Each monthly box comes with several high-quality learning activities that are based on a monthly theme. What’s really special about this box is their attention to sustainability in both the construction of their box and the message!

green kid crafts

Think outside, the box

This is another high-quality subscription box for kids that moms can incorporate into their homeschooling activities. I love how the fun activity contents encourage kids to get outdoors and experience nature. Check out this awesome post filled with ideas!

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