15 Holiday Gift Ideas that Eco-friendly Ladies will Love

If you have a lady in your life (a mom, a sister, a friend, a coworker, a teacher, etc) who cares about the condition of our planet, I have some great gift ideas for you. The following gifts line up well with the values of reducing waste and slowing climate change. You don’t have to forgo giving entirely in order to live sustainably.

1. Wool Clog Slippers

Slippers are a popular item to buy when you don’t know what else to give. But those cheap gift promotions of this item in all the stores throughout December don’t come without a price. Their production often involves synthetic materials and harsh dyes at the expense of our environment.

These slippers are composed of all-natural wool. There are other options for customization such as a natural latex sole, natural rubber or high-quality suede leather. The seller also strives for the greenest of packaging. And unlike most storebought versions, this pair is likely to last a lifetime.

2. A Linen Scarf

This oversized scarf will add not only warmth, but style to any lady’s winter wardrobe. It is made from all-natural medium-weight Lithuanian linen. This scarf will work for men as well, and will not shrink up as it arrives having already been washed twice.

For added peace of mind, this scarf is OEKO TEX certified and contains no harmful substances. It is available in an array of beautiful colors.

3. A Vegan Leather Wallet

Leather may offer the appearance of wealth and sophistication, but a behind-the-scenes look is not nearly as sophisticated. First off, it involves the killing of animals for their skin. Then there are the numerous harmful chemicals that its processing plagues our environment with. And what about all of the workers who breathe in these chemicals, not to mention the wearer?

That’s why vegan leather products such as this adorable wristlet are such a great alternative. This one is also void of any PVC, a toxic substance that is sometimes used as a substitute. It comes in three different colors and this seller creates bags and masks as well.

4. Organic Hemp Dress Socks

Socks are often made from cotton that has been grown using harsh pesticides and processed with other chemicals. Not these socks made from organically grown hemp. These socks are versatile enough to work for women or men in winter and in summer. Hemp also has natural moisture-wicking and antimicrobial properties–plus these socks are actually biodegradable!

5. A Crocheted Handbag

Another fabulous alternative to leather, this stylish bag is crocheted using 100% cotton in it’s most natural form. It can be purchased either as a handbag or a shoulder bag.

6. “Save the Bees” Honey Pot Organic Skin Care Bundle

Help support our precious bees AND avoid the toxins in most skincare by purchasing this very eco-friendly gift set. The packaging is highly sustainable–the pouches are actually biodegradable!

7. RBG Pendant Necklace

Metal mining destroys landscapes and produces a huge amount of toxic waste. What makes these pendants so special–other than their featured celebrity–is the fact that they are manufactured from 100% recycled silver in a USA-based studio powered by wind and solar energy.

8. 4Ocean Recycled Great Barrier Reef Bracelet

4Ocean is an amazing non-profit that works to remove plastic from our oceans. They sell a variety of these hand assembled bracelets, each of them also providing funds for a variety of endangered animals. These altruistic gems are composed of recycled plastic bottles and glass.

9. Small V Necklace

Simple and elegant, this versatile V necklace is handmade using recycled metals. The manufacturing facility, located in Seattle, should be very proud of their zero waste focus. Their packaging is also made up of 100% recycled and recyclable content.

10. Walnut Geometric Wooden Planter

This sophisticated geometric planter is made by Oakywood from FSC Certified solid oak wood. That means that the wood used comes from responsibly managed forests where sustainability measures are strictly upheld. The interior is aluminum and the exterior is conditioned with natural vegetable oils. For every order placed, they plant a tree

11. Ultimate Renewal Bath Set

Drybrushing is an ancient practice that carries with it so many health benefits, as listed in the above graphic. Moms especially are not always good at making time for their own nurturing and relaxation. This is a great gift for encouraging our neglected moms to spend a little time on themselves. The kit also includes an exfoliating body polish and a life-changing hydrating body oil.

12. Good Scents Body Butter Trio

This delightful body butter trio is three versions of luxurious. The thick whipped texture is formulated with a blend of shea butter and sunflower oil. You can choose from uplift, balance and calm. Each aromatherapy scent is sourced from naturally occurring essential oils.

13. The Jellies – Shimmers & Brights

These lip jellies are so much fun for all ages. Most lip glosses marketed to young women and girls are tainted with heavy metals. These Beautycounter jellies come in sets of brights and shimmers with an array of sweet-smelling essential oil-based scents. Unlike most sticky glosses, these products glide on smooth.

14. Good Scents Hand Cream Trio

All of the obsessive handwashing as of late, combined with the harsh dry air of winter, has created a great need for hand creams such as these. This formulas is ultra-hydrating and lightweight while leaving a non-greasy, luxurious finish. They consist of the same three essential oil-based scents as the body butter trio. Unlike most lotions, these contain no parabens or other harmful emollients and preservatives.

15. Beyond Gloss Trio

I absolutely adore Beautycounter’s glosses. These are similar in formula to the shimmers mentioned above, however these include some pigment. The graphic also shows an image of their polish & protect lip duo, another excellent gift option. Beautycounter is a certifified B-corp, meaning that it follows strict sustainability measures as well as ethical and moral ones.

Which eco-friendly gifts are you most excited about?

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