19 of the Best Clean Living Subscription Boxes for Gifting

Sometimes it is just so hard to come up with a gift idea when perusing those aisles or pages online.

But have you ever considered gifting a subscription box?

There are so many fun ones out there to suit every personality in your life.

You don’t have to gift an entire year’s worth. You can opt for only six months, three months or even one month alone!

If that person ends up loving it, they can always renew.

Following are 19 of the best clean living subscription boxes for gifting.

For Going Zero Waste

zero waste items
zero waste gifting

If you know someone who is inspired by your environmental efforts and is working towards a more zero waste lifestyle themselves, here are some excellent gift boxes to push them forward.

The Mighty Nest

The GreenUP Box

For Clean Beauty

a woman bathing in a seaweed bath
best clean living subscription boxes for gifting

Examining one’s personal care and grooming products is a great place to move forward with the journey to clean living. Here are a few boxes that will introduce your giftee to some of the best toxin-free products out there.

Love Goodly

Mighty Body

For Toxin-free Cleaning

a woman in an apron, wiping a table
green cleaning

Do you have friends or family members who seek out your advice for transitioning to a less toxic household cleaning routine? You can guide them in that direction simply by starting them with this subscription.

Clean Cult

For Eco-friendly Products

For that special person in your life who gravitates toward the more sustainable things in this world, this is a subscription box they can get behind.

Earth Love

For Wellness

a woman in a yoga pose on a rocky ocean shore at sunset
best clean living subscription boxes for gifting

Plant-based oils are all the rage in the natural wellness arena, and your holistic-minded giftee will love receiving the certified organic, high-quality oils from Plant Therapy.

Plant Therapy’s Oil of the Month club

For the Humanitarian

There is a unique box available for those more altruistic souls out there, and its appropriately named the Causebox.


For the Plant Lover

a variety of succulent plants
gifts for plant lovers

Is there a plant lover in your life? Cue the box that will satisfy their growing needs–this one involves plants that don’t involve much work at all!

Succulent Studios

For the Gardener

a woman working in her garden
the best clean living subscription box for gardeners

And for those of your friends who truly do possess that greenthumb, check out this box for all things gardening.

Bloomin’ Bin

For the Wine Lover

a woman enjoying her glass of wine in a bubble bath
subscription boxes for wine lovers

Not long ago, I didn’t even realize the importance of selecting clean wines, but now I do! Most wine production involves pesticides, sulfites and chemical preservatives. The following wine companies avoid all of that to give you a pure, wine to drink–as it should be!

Scout & Cellar

Dry Farm Wines

For the Constant Snacker

Know someone who can’t stop snacking, but wants to stay healthy? Urthbox will be their jam! One of the best boxes around for clean snack foods you can trust.


For New Moms

Maybe you have a friend who recently became a mom for the first time . . . guaranteed they are feeling overwhelmed about now and could use some treats that suit their new lifestyle.

Eccocentric Moms

For Kids

These are the perfect choices for gifting subscription boxes to the children on your gift list.

Green Kids Crafts

Think Outside the Box

For Clean Eating

If you know someone who is trying to eat less processed foods in exchange for real foods that are clean and healthy, these are your boxes.

Misfits Market – use my promo code, COOKWME-PN8ZTC, to get a discount!

Thrive Market


Did I miss anything? Give you any ideas? Let me know in the comments below!

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