9 Awesome Apps to Help You Go Green

Sometimes we need a little assistance in order to successfully modify our lifestyle. It isn’t easy picking up new habits when life is already so full. There are apps for everything nowadays, and the green category is not a sparse one at all. Let me introduce you to some that can really make an impact on your life.

there are many pieces to the green puzzle


This is Earth911’s new app for recycling resources. It offers more than 800,000 recycling and disposal resources for more than 240 materials! In addition, it allows you to stream current articles on the topic.

Green Kitchen

If your family is vegetarian or inspires to live the lifestyle, this is a widely recognized app that provides a large database of quality meat-free recipes. Their recipes also tend to include limited gluten, dairy and sugar sources. This is wonderful for moms who have kids with food sensitivies.

Green Kitchen will also email or text a list of the ingredients needed for the recipes you choose. They even offer a separate app for healthy desserts! Unfortunately, the apps are currently available only for downloads to IPhones and IPads.


Wunderlist is not necessarily an app created for sustainability purposes; however, it definitely saves a lot of trees! This app is a tool for creating lists, but it is so much more. First of all, you are able to share your lists with whomever you choose. That way each of you are able to see what still needs to be done, and no one is redoing or repurchasing items.

The app also allows users to organize lists into related folders, add comments, email lists, add reminders/due dates, and more. It offers the convenience of use on practically any electronic device.


JouleBug is a way to make living a sustainable life just a bit more enjoyable. Once downloaded, you are able to link it to utility accounts and add your daily earth-friendly practices as you accomplish them.

You receive points for things like saving energy, eating local, and biking or carpooling, for instance. Compete with your friends on Facebook and Twitter, and make the world a better place.


Oroeco is similar to JouleBug in the way that it allows you to compete with friends; however, it focuses more on your overall carbon footprint. It looks at the purchases you make and how sustainable they are. Oroeco also offers cash incentives and other rewards for points accumulated while making choices that help save our planet.


EWG is a fabulous online resource for learning which personal products are safer for your family. They do thorough research on the ingredients in each product in their database–and that database is huge!

They evaluate each product and assign it a number based on its chemical content and safety for consumers. Their new app now allows you to simply scan products as you come across them in a store, and give you that product’s rating.


The #Climate app is a wonderful opportunity for a blogger or other influencer to use their social media following to motivate change. It provides the latest updates on climate change issues and, by sharing these updates, you can create awareness.

What a great way to encourage others to support matters that matter to you!

Fat Llama

Fat Llama is an app that allows users to rent out their tools, sports equipment, electronics, musical instruments, baby gear, party supplies, and much more. Not only does it lower the amount of stuff being loaded into our environment, but you can make money doing it! You can search by address; it’s likely to yield a much better variety in larger cities.

Ethical Barcode

Would you prefer to support companies that implement more sustainable practices and value our environment? Ethical Barcode allows you to scan items you wish to purchase, in order to learn whether their values align with yours. It’s pretty cool! And there is no better way to support a cause than with your dollar.


I realize how overloaded we are with apps. But perhaps there are one or two of these that you could comfortably incorporate into your life for a small boost in your contributions to our planet. Every little bit helps!

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