A Little Pep Talk for Green Mamas

A grim look at the state of our environment

If you’ve been on social media this past week, you’ve experienced the bombardment of negative headlines about the current state of our environment.

One million species in danger of becoming extinct. . .

More carbon dioxide–the #1 greenhouse gas–in the atmosphere today, than at any point in time . . .

Contaminants in tap water linked to 15,000 cases of cancer in California . . .

Why do we even bother?

Meanwhile, those of us hustling to save the planet–while also raising kids, making a living and maintaining all of our other responsibilities–can’t help but feel defeated. We’re left thinking, “Why are we wasting our time and energy if nothing is improving?

Change is still possible

Yet, if you dig a little deeper, you will still find reasons to hope. Take a look at Oslo, Norway, for example; the winner of the 2019 European Green Capital Award.

Oslo wasn’t always this green utopia. Years ago, the waterways around the city were discolored and uninhabitable. Today you will find locals swimming in and playing on these same beaches. Change happened because the citizens cared and their government made sustainability a priority.

The Majority of Americans do care

According to a recent New York Times article, nearly three-quarters of Americans now believe that climate change does, in fact, exist. Those same numbers of people also feel a personal connection, and a desire to improve upon the current situation.

Use the Power of your Vote

Just as Oslo used the power of government leadership to create change, so can we. When you are electing your leaders; local, state and federal, examine their outlooks on the need for environmental efforts. Use it to form your overall opinions, and then take that with you to the polls. And make it to the polls! You can use this link to get informed about upcoming elections.

“We were made to do hard things.”

As moms to our kids, we do hard stuff every day . . . and our efforts, at times, feel in vain. But we keep going, because our children’s outcomes matter deeply to us. We must do the same for our environment.

Just imagine what would happen if one day we all just decided to give up on our kids. None of the messages we were teaching them seemed to be getting through, so we simply stopped trying. The meals, the bedtime, the transportation, the homework . . . well, they could just figure it all out on their own.

But, of course, we would NEVER do that, because we still care! And no matter how futile our efforts feel sometimes, deep down we know we are truly making a difference. Even if it is less of one than we prefer. Same goes for our environment, the one we are preserving for our kids’ benefit.

And, Our Kids Care!

Our children are growing up in this era of climate change awareness, and they are beginning to show interest at a young age. Middle school is a great time to get them involved in the fight. Educate them on the situation, and teach them how they can proactively help prevent further decline. Tread carefully though, since it can feel too heavy for some. It’s all in the approach, and you know your child best.

You can find some peace in the simple fact that the next generation will be the most informed, caring group of environmentalists yet!

Re-evaluate what you are currently doing

Can you do more? Examine your daily routine.

  • Could you put more effort toward reduce/reuse/recycle?
  • Can you find more ways to save energy in your home?
  • How about cutting down on driving and incorporating more alternative modes of transport?
  • Would your family be open to eating less meat and dairy products?

Every change you make does, indeed, make a difference

You are making this planet a better place, even if that difference doesn’t always appear to be reflected in the news articles you read. Thank you for doing what you can in your hectic mom life. You are using less plastic. You are buying local. You are seeking out ways to educate yourself on “going green.”

If none of us were paying any attention to the headlines, or caring for our planet in any way, I can guarantee you those headlines would be even more devastating. Yep, it is indeed possible. So let’s keep going. Our children’s children need fresh air, clean water and green grass.


  1. Thanks for the pep talk! It’s really needed. If your not on certain mailing lists you don’t always see the wins, but it’s easy to find the loses everywhere. This post is a great reminder to do all we can to save the planet a small step at a time. Our kids are learning to be better stewards of the environment in our School District.

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