6 Green Mama Bloggers I Follow

As a green mama blogger myself, I have a lot of influences that inspire me and provide me with guidance. Some of them are well-seasoned bloggers and others are just starting out. I find all of them informative and valuable resources in their own ways.

Today I want to share with you some of my favorites, and what I feel makes them stand out.

The Mindful Mom Blographer

I find The Mindful Mom Blographer very unique in the way that she incorporates both her minimalist and her mindfulness approaches to life. In actuality, these two philosophies are quite similar; however, I don’t know of anyone else who promotes them both so well while including an open window into her own struggles with anxiety.

In fact, this blographer even started publishing a series of others’ personal anxiety stories in order to contribute to the understanding and the destigmatization of mental illness.

Eco Friendly Mama

I really appreciate Eco Friendly Mama because our blogs are so similar in their overall themes. She also launched her blog exactly one year prior to mine–also on Earth day–which is so appropriate.

I adore her slogan. “I’m just a mom, standing on the earth, asking you to love the planet with me.”

It really should be that simple. And Hilary does a great job of showing us moms how we can go about doing so on a daily basis as we care for our children.

Clean Living with Kids

I feel a close connection to Clean Living with Kids, because Sara got her start around the same time that I did, just a few months ago. She has more of a food focus than I do, and I really appreciate her awesome tips for clean eating. So much so, that I feature one of her fun summer snack recipes in my green summer giveaway!

Mindful Momma

I love all of the wonderful natural living information Mindful Momma features in her blog. Many times, I have come across her blog posts thinking–I was just thinking about writing an article on that! She has been writing about how she lives a non-toxic and eco-friendly lifestyle for over a decade now, so she has a lot of good information to offer her readers.

Wellness Mama

Wellness Mama is another well-seasoned green mama blogger who is highly respected in the wellness community, and for good reason. The vast amount of research she has done on functional medicine and everything health related is incredible. Katie has several published books and even finds time to podcast two times each week!

She is probably the very first blogger of this type who I started following years ago. Personally, knowing all the work that goes into a blog, I am quite impressed by her ability to keep up with caring for and homeschooling several kids on top of everything else.


I also knew about the work of Mommypotamus long before I got the idea to start blogging about toxins myself. She writes about many of the same types of natural living topics that Wellness Mama does. In fact, Heather and Katie can often be found collaborating together on different projects.

Happy reading!

I find that there is great value in receiving top-notch information from a variety of trustworthy sources. It’s so important to be able to see things from different angles. Just like no two families–or even kids–are nowhere near exactly alike, neither are the bloggers that guide us through this parenting process. Enjoy!

Are there others you prefer following? Name some of your favorite green mama bloggers in the comments below.

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