11 Healthy Summer Treats that are also Fun Activities

It’s summer time, and that means extra fun time with the kiddos. We only get 18 of them, so we might as well enjoy them, right? But how many of you are already starting to count down the days until school starts again–at least on the bad days. .

Hungry and Bored

healthy summer treats
bored kids need healthy summer treats

I don’t know about you, but the two complaints I get the most when my kids are home are: “I’m hungry!” and “I’m bored!” It seems like my girls’ tummies are impossible to fill sometimes; and the minute they aren’t caught up in one fun activity or another, they’re back to struggling to find something else to do.

That’s why I’ve put together this list of healthy summer treats that can double as fun activities you can do together. Because, let’s face it; it’s not easy coming up with new things to do or snacks they want to eat that are actually healthy, day in and day out.

Ninety days of summer can take a lot of brainstorming that us mamas don’t always have time for. So here are 11 healthy options that your kids can have fun helping you create.

Homemade Banana Ice Cream

Ice cream is the go-to dessert of summer. Just head over to any popular ice cream shop on a Saturday and you’ll see what I mean. The problem is, it is often riddled with sugar, harmful emulsifiers and other additives. Add to that the fact that a growing number of kids are allergic to dairy, and there is good reason to make your own at home.

Following is Clean Living with Kids’ refined sugar, dairy-free version of banana ice cream.

Watermelon Pizza

What kid doesn’t love watermelon? Okay, I didn’t until just a few years ago, but I’m an odd duck. Most any kid you find will get excited about this sweet, thirst-quenching treat. And all the sweetness comes from natural fruit!

Looking for a fun twist on this fruit? Check out this watermelon pizza by Choosingchia.com. It meets the whole 30, paleo, vegan and gluten-free criteria all rolled into one.

healthy summer treats
healthy summer treats

Kid-friendly Fruit Kabobs

There is something about cutting foods into fun shapes that will always get kids’ attention. Fruits and veggies may not look very exciting in and of themselves, but cut them into a star or heart and any kid will get excited about eating them. Check out this fun fruit kabob recipe by Healthy Little Foodies.

fruits are the perfect healthy summer treats
fruits are the perfect healthy summer treats

Double Chocolate Zucchini Muffins

Family gardens are starting to really produce this time of year. I, myself, am finally seeing some success with a zucchini plant. We love zucchini and my kids will even eat it straight out of the fridge. If your kid is a little more resistant to veggies though, throw it in a muffin and they won’t know the difference.

Give this amazing chocolate zucchini muffin recipe a try for starters, courtesy of A Baking Journey.

healthy summer treats can be chocolate
healthy summer treats can be chocolate

Pineapple Whip

Apparently, pineapple whip is a really popular treat for kids when visiting Disneyworld. I’m sure the resort version is chock full of sugar. Thankfully, we have this healthier recipe, created by Wellness Mama, as a substitute. /

pineapples can make cool & healthy summer treats
pineapples can make cool & healthy summer treats

Super-easy Pineapple Ice Pops

In this recipe by Eats Amazing, pineapple slices make fun, healthy popscicles when dipped in dark chocolate and coconut yogurt–and then frozen on sticks!

Watermelon Coconut Popsicles

Instead of pineapple, this recipe by Love Food Nourish uses watermelon slices to accomplish something very similar.

Easy Banana Sushi

Kids will love helping you roll banana slices in peanut butter, granola, hemp seeds and cacao nibs (or chocolate chips) to create these banana sushi pieces. What a fun afternoon snack, dessert or even breakfast! Our thanks to Emily Kyle Nutrition for contributing!

bananas make healthy summer treats
bananas make healthy summer treats

Healthy 3-Ingredient Lemonade

My kids are always asking for lemonade when we go out to eat. Lemons themselves contain a lot of health benefits from vitamins and flavonoids, which are a type of antioxidant. The problem is that often what you will order at a restaurant will be high in refined sugars as well.

In order to reap the health benefits while avoiding the added sugars, give The Busy Baker’s 3-ingredient lemonade a try. It only contains three ingredients!

lemons make healthy summer treats
lemons make healthy summer treats

Rainbow Popsicles

There is always something special about rainbows, isn’t there? Anything that combines so many beautiful colors in succession is worth celebrating–and eating. Wouldn’t your kids be more inclined to eat textures that they typically resist if they are disguised in a frozen treat?

Yummy Mummy’s recipe for rainbow popsicles starts with a smoothie that has been blended into layers by color. They can then be eaten as a smoothie or frozen in a popsicle mold and eaten later.

Cake batter Rice Krispy Treats

Rice krispy treats have always been one of my personal favorites. However, the traditional version is far from healthy. That’s why I love this recipe by The Big Man’s World, using only four ingredients!

What is your family’s favorite healthy summer treat?

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  1. Must say these are delicious and healthy treats that can be made for kids. Plus the benefit we can control the sugar amount while making. I am surely going to try all this. Banana Ice cream and Banana sushi will be my first go. Thanks for sharing.

  2. These are great ideas for summer and to do with kids! Thank you for your suggestions. Sharing so my mom friends with young ones can have some fun. Mine are older now💜

  3. I love the sound of the pineapple pops and pineapple whip, but my little one is definitely a rainbow girl. Will be trying these recipes. Thanks for the great round up!

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