How to be a Hot Mama, Without all the Chemicals

Let’s face it, we would all love to be considered “hot.” But, in my experiences, actually feeling like you’ve got it going on becomes more and more out-of-reach as you get deeper into motherhood.

Getting there can also feel like it involves way more chemicals than green mamas wanna deal with. There are more than 80,000 untested chemicals out there, and a good number of them can be found in beauty products.

Thankfully, however, there are still plenty of ways to feel gorgeous without loading your skin and hair up with those dreaded endocrine disruptors. Let me get you on the right track with these tips for lush locks and glowing skin that won’t increase your risk of cancer.

Skin care

toxin-free beauty

toxin-free skin

Our face is one of the first things other people see; so we want our skin to look its best. Unfortunately, the stresses and sleep deprivation of motherhood tends to put a lot of strain on this area, so we are often in need of some extra help.

Sun Protection

toxin-free sun protection
toxin-free sun protection

Sun damage can age our skin very quickly, so it’s important to use some toxin-free protection. That said, studies also show that the majority of us are deficient in Vitamin D, which primarily comes from sun exposure. In order to balance that, try giving your body about 10 or 15 minutes of unprotected time before putting on any type of sunscreen.

You could get in the habit of sitting outside in the morning, if you work from home. Stay-at-home moms can give their little ones an opportunity for nature play at the same time. And, if you work outside the home, try to sit at a nearby park or outdoor patio when you go on your lunch break. Or you could sneak in a quick walk over breaks.


Besides Vitamin D, Vitamins C, E, and K also reap wonderful benefits in regard to our skin health. You can increase your intake of these vitamins by incorporating more of their food sources into your daily diet. Take a look at this list to learn if you may need to increase your consumption in a certain area.

Outside of diet, you can also boost these vitamins in your body composition by purchasing vitamin supplements. If you choose to do so, it’s important to find those that are high in quality. Many vitamins you will find on the shelf or even online, will have additional “crap ingredients” thrown in. Some of the brands that I trust most include Naturewise, Viva Naturals, NOW and Garden of Life. The latter two of which can be found at

Water Intake

toxin-free water
toxin-free water

Water is our skin’s natural hydrator. It is crucial to maintaining skin health. Want to know how much water you should be drinking? Halve your body weight and drink that in ounces–at minimum.

So let’s say you step on the scale and 150 shows up, whether you like it or not. Well, that number determines that your body requires at least 75 ounces of water per day to thrive. That’s just over nine 8-ounce glasses.

Are you one of many moms who find it challenging to squeeze it all in? Here are some great tips for getting into the habit of consuming more. Also, filtering your water properly is crucial. I highly recommend a Berkey water filtering system for toxin-free drinking water at home.


detoxing sleep
detoxing sleep

Getting enough sleep is huge for our skin. You can purchase all the trendy facial creams your heart desires and still have dull, unhealthy looking skin if you skimp on your Zzzs. You can read about the many benefits of getting some shut eye here.

Want to get the most out of your skin-renewing overnight process? Following are some tips:

  • Wash your face! Your pores have to be able to breathe in order to receive maximum benefits
  • Apply an overnight moisturizing cream in order to wake up with moist skin that doesn’t flake AND prevent wrinkles
  • Try to get in the habit of sleeping on your back–sleeping on your face contributes to the wrinkling
  • Elevate your head a little in order to decrease morning puffiness
  • Make sure you allow time for 7 hours of continuous sleep at minimum!

Natural DIY Treatments

Feel like a little spa time on the eve of a rough day? There are tons of natural diy skin treatments you can do at home to help prevent aging. Here is a great recipe for a mask, using an aloe plant, if you happen to have one of those growing nearby. Noticing a little sag lately? Try one of these natural remedies for skin tightening.

Whatever your issue, simply head over to and do a search for “natural diy treatments for ______,” and you will find solutions!

Toxin-free Products

Can’t find the time for DIY? Not a problem! There are so many natural commercial products now on the market. Here is a great list to get you started:

When in doubt, you always have access to EWG’s awesome database where you can enter your products to receive a score based on toxin levels.

Try a Skin Detox

skin detox
detox your skin

Your skin is the largest organ in your body and it goes through a lot. But it’s also on the outside, so everyone can see it. There are some great detoxes out there for giving your skin a fresh start. Here is an amazing option from Annmarie’s skincare line.

Dental Care

toxin-free teeth whitening
toxin-free teeth whitening

Natural Teeth Whitening

We all crave those pearly white shiners, all lined up nice and bright for each camera grin. All that time, wine and caffeinated beverages from the years can really do a number on the shade of our teeth. Fortunately, we don’t have to resort to chemical whiteners. Nature has us covered. Here are some of the best.O

  • Try the “newish” oil pulling trend as shown in this video
  • Brush with baking soda–old school and well-proven to create results, but be patient!
  • Prevent new stains by sipping coffee, tea and wine through a straw

Hair Care

toxin-free hair
toxin-free hair

Very few of us aren’t challenged by one hair issue or another. Be it too thin or too frizzy, the products that offer assistance are often loaded with chemicals that cause harm over time. Gray, though beautiful in its own way, may also not be your thing. No worries! Plenty of natural options to consider.

Diet & Supplements

healthy skin diet
healthy skin diet

Some of the best vitamins for healthy hair include Vitamins A through E, iron, zinc and protein. Here are 14 foods that are high in these healthy hair-building nutrients.

Natural Products

There are many natural hair care product lines on the market now; however, some of my tested favorites are Shea Moisture, Puracy, and Everyone products. The latter of which can be purchased at

DIY Treatments

There are many different hair boosting treatments you can create from home using many ingredients that you already have on hand. Check these out for starters, all using coconut oil and only one other ingredient, to solve some of the most common hair problems.

Alternative Hair Coloring

I recently started coloring my hair again after finding Naturcolor, a much more natural version of home hair coloring kits. It covered my grays and left me with more vibrance, without forcing me to absorb ammonia and other harmful chemicals.

Nail Care

toxin-free polish
toxin-free polish

Many of us visit the salons for mani-pedi treatments from time-to-time. That seems to be a go-to way for moms to feel at least somewhat polished, even when they don’t really feel up to much. Besides that, it lasts a lot longer than a makeup application or blowout.

The problem with that is the amount of chemicals that get inhaled and absorbed in the process. What if you instead opted for one of the many toluene-free polishes now available for home application? I love the Sophi brand, which can be purchased at! Or you could look up which salons in your area offer safer versions of the standard pedicure.

The Wardrobe

The production of “fast fashion” involves so many chemicals that we don’t often think about when we head out to the mall on a whim. The thing is, moms don’t have to bring all those chemicals into their homes in order to look cute. There are now many eco-friendly fashion lines to choose from. Here are 35 of them of varying price ranges to get you started.

Do you prefer to buy used clothing in order to save money? Well that act is more toxin-free, in and of itself. And there are so many convenient online options for shopping secondhand nowadays.

Overall Beauty

There are many factors that affect our beauty all-around. Incorporating regular exercise and supporting mental health, are some of those.

Regular Exercise

exercise for health
exercise for skin health

Much of our beauty is naturally derived from our health practices. Our exercise habits, in particular, are directly linked to the glow in our skin and the vibrance of our locks.

Keep moving! There are so many beauty benefits to fitting in even 10 or 20 minutes of movement each day. Is your child’s school nearby? Walk them there whenever the weather cooperates. Is child care an issue? Join the Y! They offer it as part of their membership. Or find an online exercise program that interests you!

Maintaining Mental Health

Keeping your relationships in check
maintaining healthy social connections
maintaining healthy social connections

If you’re ignoring the important relationships in your life, including the one with yourself, then your skin will suffer, too. Stress, dissatisfaction and loneliness can all have an effect on your physical health, too. Schedule in time to reconnect with your partner, or make a therapy appointment, if needed.

Destress Regularly

Self-care is huge in looking and feeling beautiful. As moms, especially, we women can become so overburdened by our schedules and the needs of others that we don’t take the time necessary to refuel. Here are some ideas:

  • Find a yoga workshop near you. I find them so refreshing, especially a good Yoga Nidra option. Or try this one from home!
  • Try the new “floating” trend. You get to just be for like an hour without any distractions–sounds like heaven to a mom like me 😉 Added bonus–the epsom salts that allow you to float are also an excellent source of magnesium, a nutrient the majority of us are deficient in
  • Make a list of activities you that brought you joy prior to having kids. Now count how many you are still able to fit in? My guess is you have some work to do!

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  1. Great tips and ideas. I know in my head I need to do all of these things but actually doing them? Different story.
    One day I’ll have the motivation to do it all!

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