9 Green Mama Hacks To Help You Rock Your Week

I am feeling SO good lately! So I thought I would share how I got here.

Following are 9 green mama hacks to help you rock your week.

1. Wake up before the kids

Waking up early is a great mom hack

I find that this is exponentially crucial to setting the productivity level and mindset for the day. It gives me that little bit of extra time all to myself, without all of the needy distractions for food and activity requests.

By getting up at six a.m., I am lucky to have nearly two hours for me alone. Experiment with what will work for you based on your family’s schedule.

2. Start each day with 10 minutes of meditation

meditation is a fabulous mom hack

Yes! This is something I had dabbled in a few times in the past, but never fully put my all into it. It just seemed like there were so many other more important things for my time and attention. Boy was I wrong!

I signed up for the Calm App free trial a few weeks ago and noticed an immediate difference. Within only a few days, my typically scattered head felt more like a quiet, summer evening than a ping pong game.

Even though I loved Calm, I didn’t really need yet another subscription to pay for so I signed up for Insight timer app instead. Both have wonderful meditations and other mindfulness resources.

You can even use them with your kids if they are experiencing issues with anxiety or hyperactivity. They are also a great resource for helping you fall asleep.

2. Sign up for a meal planning service

meal planning apps are an awesome mom hack

I just signed up for Platejoy, and am loving how customized it is! Others that I have used in the past felt a little limited because they didn’t accommodate enough diet varieties or allow for the ingredients I already had, etc. Platejoy seems to have thought of everything so far.

They even take weight loss goals in to account and tell you how much of a portion to give to each individual in your household. If you like, you can connect it to your Instacart delivery account and pretty much take all the prep work out of the game.

3. Get veggies into those picky bellies through homemade smoothies and popsicles

Personally, I find that the best way to make sure my kids always get their nutrition in is through a vitamin packed smoothie first thing when they wake up.

There are so many fruits, veggies and other goodies that can go in and kids don’t even notice. A handful of spinach for calcium . . . check! A sprinkling of flax seeds for omega 3s and fiber . . check!

Need some fun ideas? Here is my smoothie board on pinterest.

Have some leftover smoothie the kids aren’t really into? Pour it into popsicle molds, and what kids won’t eat a popsicle?

4. Get in that Nap!

A quick nap is the perfect mama hack

I don’t care if it’s only five minutes to close your eyes, and you don’t even fall asleep; it is still rest that will recharge your batteries.

I know how we moms just tend to push right through the tired. But that just means you’ll be a heap of exhaustion with nothing left for the spouse or the kiddos by day’s end.

So just do it. Set an alarm on your phone . . . And don’t you dare just dismiss it. You deserve that break, mama. Five minutes of tablet time never killed a kid.

5. Get some time management coaching . . . or any kind of coaching

hiring a coach is a wonderful mom hack

In my opinion, everyone can gain something from a little coaching. Many times I have thought to myself, “A coach couldn’t offer me anything I don’t already know about myself.” But they always prove me wrong.

A good coach is worth a little extra time and money. Our lives get so busy, we just don’t take the time to evaluate where adjustments need to be made. Hiring a coach gives us that opportunity with the benefit of a unique, trained perspective.

In which area of your life are you struggling? Whether it’s time management, health, relationships or parenting; we can all feel more on top of things with a little coaching.

6. Step AWAY from the social media

taking breaks from social media is the perfect mom hack

Getting pulled into the scrolling madness when I should be managing other more important tasks? Guilty! I bet few of us have completely escaped this all consuming timesuck lure.

You CAN break away and gain control of this bad habit, I promise. You just have to make that extra effort to empower yourself.

Put a stop to those chiming notifications, set some boundaries (i.e. only 10 minutes of personal fb in the a.m./p.m., no sm at the dinner table), and you will feel so much more power in your own daily destiny.

7. Set alarm reminders on your phone

setting reminder alarms is a mama hack win!

Recently, I set several alarms on my phone with labels and appropriate music/sounds for each activity. I am someone that tends to get very absorbed in what I’m doing, so it’s very helpful for me to have that consistent daily reminder to spend quality time with my daughter, take a nap or change my underwear. Ok, kidding on the last one.

8. Enough with the multi tasking!

focusing in one task at a time is an important mama hack

I used to be so guilty of this. I tried to do so many things at once just to feel like I was having a productive day. But this only left me feeling brain drained and wiped out.

Studies have shown that multitasking definitely tires us out a lot quicker, and it is very unhealthy for other reasons as well.

By focusing on one task at a time, I have so much more to give everybody thoughout my day.

9. Cut yourself some slack

Cutting yourself some slack is a mama hack

Contrary to popular belief, mom’s don’t have to do it all in perfect rhythm. Some days my kids eat cereal all day, but at least it’s organic, right? We all get sick, we all experience stressful events, we all have headaches.

When you get dealt one of “those” kinds of days, remove a few tasks from your to do list. Or just scrap it, and watch a movie with the kids if your schedule allows. Have the husband, or whoever you’ve got on hand, handle the nitty gritty.

Reap the rewards

Reap the rewards of green mama hacks

Give some of these a shot. I bet you will feel the difference.

Do you have any green mama hacks you’d like to share? I’d love to hear about it!

Also, please share on social media. And sign up for my just released, “How to Reuse Practically Anything” Guide! Thanks for reading!!

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    1. I totally get that. For me, I found myself throwing together stuff at last minute that didn’t even taste good half the time. Everyone is different though. Good for you for already having all of that under control!

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