13 Unique Ways to Be Better in 2020

All of us want better for our lives. Show me a mom who wants to remain exactly the same as a parent, spouse, person and friend; and I’ll guarantee you she is not being honest with herself.

The standard New Year’s resolution doesn’t work for 60% of us though. It places a lot of pressure on us to reach a certain goal, and is likely not the best way to get to where you want to be.

Thankfully, there are many other ways to focus on improvement in the new year. Read through these and see if you can determine the best route for you. Learn how to be better in 2020

Review Your Past Year

One of the best ways to improve your future is to analyze your past. Take a look at your 2019 calendar and all of the events, appointments and such that it encompassed. Which of these made you feel good? Can you add more of those things into the agenda for 2020?

Now, which of these activities brought you down? Perhaps these events involved toxic people that you need to spend less time with or even disassociate with.

Create a Vision Board

Especially for those of us who are more affected by visual reminders, creating a vision board can be one of the most effective ways to focus on your goals. You simply gather a piece of posterboard or cardboard (use one of the boxes a holiday gift was shipped in), old magazines, scissors, glue and various embellishments; and get started!

Your local thrift shop is a great place to pick up the magazines and other crafty materials. Personally, I have completed a few of these and really enjoyed it. I’m even hosting a vision boarding party for my local women’s circle in a few weeks.

If you need some ideas for inspiration, check out this Pinterest link.

Come up with a Focus Word

If a resolution seems overwhelming to you, just translate it into one word that you can carry with you throughout the year. By saying that word to yourself (or even out loud) in times that you struggle with temptations that detour from your goal, you can increase your chances of success.

The word can also provide you with a subject for further research and reading. Make a list of all the ways you can use your word to achieve your goals in the coming year.

I have a hard time focusing on just one word for the year, so I came up with two that I feel are most necessary in my life right now. Those are “Mindset” and “Creativity.”

I selected “Mindset” as my primary word for 2020 because I am realizing that the majority of the success gurus, speakers and leaders out there are preaching about the power of it. There appears to be true magnitude in the direction our attitudes take us in reaching our life goals.

For my secondary word, I chose “Creativity,” because it has been such a constant source of joy and satisfaction throughout my life. That said, I feel its absence in recent years due to my focus on starting my family. I want to explore creative outlets in order to regain that passion that used to flow from me effortlessly

Here is a nice, long list of options to choose your word (or words) of 2020 from.

Break the Year Up

Perhaps you are someone that would prefer to focus on one word or goal per month. January could be a parenting goal, such as “Patience;” February could be a relationship goal such as “Presence;” and so on. This can feel more satisfying for those of us, like myself, who have a desire to work on several different weaknesses throughout the year.

However, while I did feel satisfied with this approach for the first few months, I found myself drifting away from these monthly goals prior to mid-year’s arrival. I do know people who have made it all the way through though.

Perform a Life Audit

How many of us are so busy in our daily lives that it is hard to see the trees in our forest? As in, there’s no time to stop and think about which aspects of our days are truly serving us and which ones need to go?

For example, think about:

  1. Your dreams
  2. Your relationships
  3. Your passions
  4. Your goals
  5. Your health
  6. Your weekly highs & lows

I found several ways to go about this method, but the post-it note approach by researcher and writer, Ximena Vengoechea, was my favorite by far.

Do a Clean Sweep

For those of you who could use a little extra guidance in coming up with your goals, here is a great list of questions for exploring the various areas of your life

Determine Your Wheel of Life

Use the wheel of life to be better in 2020

As with most of these approaches, the Wheel of Life also varies in its content. I really like the way the above wheel elaborates on the different sections. You can either explore your life and what each area in it looks like on your own, or complete Tony Robbins’ questionnaire to help you set your goals.

Improve Your Storytelling

Those “stories” we tell ourselves. In other words, the messages we send. This goes along with mindset. Read this link to learn all about how to recognize those stories and then replace them with the stories that serve us.

Post Positive Quotes or Affirmations

Sometimes all it takes is some positive, supportive messages; either read silently or said aloud, to propel us toward our goals. Here are some to get you started. Post them in places you are likely to see them on a daily basis; you can even incorporate them into your vision board, if you choose to go that route.

Let a Book Guide The Way

Self-help books are a great way to delve deeper into a goal, and learn from the approach that worked well for someone else. This list includes several that are relevant to some of the most popular resolutions for the new year

Read more to be better in 2020

The Old-fashioned Resolution

For some of us, tradition works. If you decide to go with it, why not go with an environmental goal? Fortunately, I have written several blog posts that will get you on your way.

Buying Less

Avoiding Plastic

Going Green

Try Some of These Ideas

Not feeling any of the ideas I already mentioned? Take a look at this list of 44 simple tweaks you can make to get a jumpstart into 2020.

Celebrate First

But before you get started on the coming year, don’t forget to celebrate the last. 2019 may have consisted of varying levels of satisfaction for us all, but I guarantee you can find at least one piece of it that is worth celebrating.

Grab your kids, and this list, and do something fun to send the year out with a bang!

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  1. I love these practical tips on how to have a great 2020 and I will definitely check out your post on how to reduce plastic. One of my biggest pet peeves is plastic grocery bags! I always try to use my reusable ones. Wishing you all the best for 2020.

  2. These are all fantastic ideas! One of my personal goals for the year is to use less plastic/disposable items. I started it near the end of 2019 but I’d like to continue and improve it more throughout 2020!

  3. YES please to all of these! I also have an unofficial goal of doing one “green” thing each month. I’ve already replaced things like bags, toothbrushes, razors, water bottles, etc. (the basics). But I want my husband to get on board so slowly changing things in our lifestyle is my goal for the next year!

  4. I loved this list so much, I shared it with my husband. We’ve been stuck in a rut over the past year, and need to refresh our minds and bodies for 2020 and the next decade. I was nodding through each point you raised.

  5. I love these ideas on improving life for the new year! I’m doing a word a month to break down my focus and growth, but have never heard of doing a life audit as reflection and love the idea! So important to refocus your goals and priorities! Thanks for sharing!

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