How People are Making a Difference During COVID-19

Let’s face it. There is an overabundance of stats and other info about the Coronavirus right now. Basically, we are learning that the virus is closing in on us all, changing our world in ways we never imagined and even killing people just like us. That is pretty damn depressing. But have you heard about all of the ways in which people are making a difference in spite of it all? You need to.

Here are some of the many routes of compassion that I have been inspired by in recent weeks. People are making a difference. You need to read about that.

For Busting Boredom

making a difference
Making a difference for boredom’s sake

Missing karaoke nights? Someone started a Quarantine Karaoke Facebook page. Anyone who joins can post a video of their own karaoke sessions for others to view.

Neighborhoods are rallying together to keep the kids entertained through bear hunts and other themed scavenger type hunts.

So many living room concerts popping up lately. Here is a big one headlining Elton John tonight.

For Celebrating Milestones

Through my Nextdoor app, I recently learned of a young child turning four who was upset about not having a birthday party. In response, people all over the neighborhood created birthday signs. They hung them in their windows and let parents know their address. Then, on their way to pickup the birthday pizza, the family drove by all of the addresses along the way. That little girl felt like the hottest thing since Jojo Siwa.

Here are some creative ways others have celebrated everything from birthdays to weddings while honoring social distancing.

making a difference
Making a difference for the elderly population

For Vulnerable Populations

Many grocery chains are offering elderly only shopping hours in an effort to help protect the most vulnerable from COVID-19.

Mutual Aid groups are being formed with the goal of meeting the needs of elderly, sick and disabled populations.

Nursing home residents already struggle with feelings of isolation. Now, due to their high risk for the Coronavirus, they are being completely shut off from the world. Thankfully, people are creating cards with caring messages and drawings to send to them. You can help give them a little ray of sunshine, too!

For General Morale

Italians are singing from balconies.

Enjoy or join in on The Sofa Singers, a weekly online singing event to spark joy and human connection during this uncertain time.

For Healthcare Workers

Uber is delivering free meals to thousands of brave, but exhausted healthcare workers and first responders.

Anyone who can sew–from the nail salon workers to the Florida prison inmates– seems to be joining in on the mission to produce as many medical masks as possible.

making a difference
Making a difference for healthcare workers

For Homeschooling Parents

Here are a few of the overwhelming number of free resources being offered to help families that have had to figure out homeschooling for the first time, due to school closings.

For Hunger

As a result of recent closings due to the quarantine, companies like MGM Resorts are donating food in masse to local food banks. Overall, these charities are receiving less help from local citizens, so here are some places to consider donating in order to help make up for this sudden deficit.

Some people are turning their Little Free Libraries into places to grab free canned goods and personal products, that have become so scarce lately.

making a difference
Making a difference for the hungry

For Job Security

Texas Roadhouse CEO is forgoing his salary for one year in order for employees to continue receiving pay.

Dallas Stars executives have agreed to 50% paycuts in order for the employees at the bottom to avoid changes to their paychecks.

Here are other ways in which companies have stepped up and made the decision to give back during this time of great need.

For the Planet

Due in large portion to the change in driving patterns over the last month, we have seen a significant decrease in air pollution all over the world. We have yet to see whether or not this disruption will have lasting effects, but it does leave us with the hope that global warming symptoms are not yet unretractable.

making a difference
Making a difference for the planet

Take a Break from the Negative

I know from personal experience that bingereading Coronavirus headlines can be damaging. Scroll away from death and destruction. Instead, slow your blood pressure with a little inspiration and motivation. You deserve a break today.

In what other ways have you heard about good people doing good things due to the events of COVID-19? I’d love to know!

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making a difference

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  1. There has actually been so much good to come from this! I hope we use this to inspire us to make a positive difference once it’s all over!

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