43 Virtual Summer Camps

*This is the 1st installment of Go, Green Mamas’ new series, “How Your Family Can Thrive in a COVID-19 Summer.”. Stay tuned and follow this blog for access to the entire 12-day series!

As everyone else on this entire universe has said before me . . . It’s a weird time right now.

Nothing is going as normal, and all of the previously scheduled breaks we had built in from our kids are now in limbo. The t.p. is gone, no one seems to be wearing pants AND to top it all off, from meetings to happy hours–our lives suddenly seem to revolve around screentime!

I’ll be the first to admit, the screentime is unhealthy in more ways than one. Too much sitting, too much staring, not enough actual social interaction . . . and then there are all the health risks from EMF.

That said, with the continuous need to social distance ourselves, it’s what we’ve got for learning and socialization opportunities for our kids right now. Obviously, we can’t stick them in front of a screen for 8 hours a day, but for all of our sakes, an hour or two a day is not going to kill them.

It’s nuts how many sources are offering amazing virtual summer camps in light of this COVID-19 madness right now. There are so many options for our kids to explore every learning topic right from the comfort of their home. Here are 43 of them. Some are free, some cost money. Take your pick. There’s no need to miss out on virtual summer camps this year.

virtual summer camps
virtual summer camps

A Mixed Bag of Virtual Summer Camps

A little bit of everything pretty much sums this section up. These virtual camp resources are not stopping at one area of interest. You can sign Allen up for photography, Emma can create her own video game, and little Charlie can learn all about butterflies. Often all on the same site. Take a look at these options–and it doesn’t end here.

The Babysitting Company – This company is offering…you guessed it, babysitting! But this is no ordinary sitter service. To keep up with Coronavirus times, they are providing something that may seem a little strange at first–virtual sitting!

What ? ? ?, you may say . . . but who isn’t desperate for a sitter about now? Hey, if your child will hang out in one spot for an hour or two while a highly qualified, thoroughly screened professional takes over from a screen, who am I to judge?

Your virtual sitter does not just “watch” your child. They include options such as tutoring, creativity, yoga/meditation and even virtual field trips! This may seem a little “futuristic,” but it’s definitely a pretty convenient alternative to burnout.

Camp PBS Kids

virtual summer camps
virtual summer camps

Camp Supernow is seriously like a “zoom-conducted” camp for kids where you are put into a virtual cabin with several other kids your age. You can get a 2-week session for $199.

Camp Wonderopolis has several options for STEM and literacy learning opportunities. They will have more info available soon, including camping resource kits to go along with your selected program.

Creative Live is more suited to high school students. They have available courses in art, photography, music and more.

Happy Camper Live is another place that is simulating the total camp experience, to the best of its ability. From the activities to the campfire, it can all be found right here.

Outschool offers a variety of both academic and extracurricular type classes that are perfect for homeschooling. With the current COVID-19 disruption, they are now adding a very fun selection of virtual summer camps. We have used Outschool and highly recommend them!

Woodcraft Rangers has long been a successful camp in the Los Angeles area, but now they are coming to every neighborhood via online!


K12 Inc Summer Camp

Teachers who Tutor

Varsity Tutors – awesome variety of content for all ages, and totally free! I just signed up my kids for a full summer of supplemental education. Takes a little pressure off mama to keep them entertained 😉


Act One Theatre Camp – this one is a little pricey, but could be worth it if you have a child destined for Broadway.

Theater 360 -again, pricey, but so much fun for your theatrical child.


The San Diego Zoo Global

The Wonder’s Explorers Club

Arts & Crafts

Camp Kiwi Co – mailed to your home, just like the monthly subscription, but with added online content. They really have a well-put-together product!

Sew a Softie


Baketivity Bake-a-Camp

Emotional Support

Experience Camps for Grieving Children

Kids Need More


Camp WIT


Healthy Teens

Little Medical School


Reading Rockets

Start with a Book


Chess NYC

Super Soccer Stars

United States Tennis Association Virtual Camp

World Class Cheer Camp

virtual summer camps
virtual summer camps


Black Rocket

Code Ninja

Connected Camps

Geek Squad Academy

Guardian Adventure Camp

iD Tech

Smartbuddies Virtual Camp-in-a-box – build your own robot!

Travel & Culture

AIFS Study Abroad

Camp Hullabaloo – affordable preschool-aged themes to fill the entire summer.

Kallpachay Spanish Language Camp – give your kids the gift of bilingualism

Little Passports – another great monthly subscription for summer learning fun!

Marcopolo World School – more geared toward the younger set

virtual summer camps
virtual summer camps


Written Out Loud

You’ve Got This

There you have it; 43 virtual summer camps to keep your kids entertained and yourself sane all summer long. Stay tuned, this is only the first of 12 posts in my COVID-19 Summer Survival Series.

Are you joining the virtual summer camp bandwagon this summer, or are you avoiding all screens and keeping your kids busy in other ways instead? Please share this list with any mama friends you know who would be interested!

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virtual summer camps
virtual summer camps

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  1. The virtual babysitting one threw me off at first definitely not for a toddler but beneficial for older kids. Thanks for sharing this list.

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