14 Self-care Journal Prompts for Coping with 2020

Let’s face it, mamas; this whole year has been a hot mess. More days than not I have not even known which way was up. I have created and broken schedules, joined and lost interest in self-improvement programs and felt the gloom even on sunny days. But one thing that has helped me through my most challenging feelings has been journaling. Here are 14 self-care journal prompts that I have found helpful for coping with 2020.

Taking care of yourself

I think, more than any other time in our lives, we are all feeling the need to be taken care of. Whether we can find a spare moment to realize it or not, self-care is indeed a necessity right now. Don’t wait for someone else to do it for you. Seize a moment, any moment to purge it all out on some paper.

Write about 5 things that can always make you feel at peace. Make it a goal to do one of these each day this week.

What one thing do you really need in your life right now to make it more manageable? How can you get that?

Dealing with quarantine

Coping with 2020

Attention human social creatures, hole yourself up inside for months on end. Only come out to receive grocery and takeout deliveries. Now how do you feel? Borderline insane? Let go!

Get all of the crazy feelings you are having due to COVID-19 out on paper.

What has been the biggest loss for your family during this COVID-19 pandemic? Take a moment to grieve that loss on paper. Now, what can you do to heal and/or replace that loss?

Adjusting to a “new norm”

This is indeed a nutty time, but the worst part is we have no idea how long it will last. It’s time to stop waiting for life to get back to normal and figure out how you can adjust to this new one.

If you set an intention/word/goal for the new year, brainstorm ways in which you can implement it in new ways based on current events.

Brainstorm ways in which your family can still do what they love in spite of current restrictions. What kinds of activities have you always wanted to try? How can you adjust those to fit today’s situation?

Coping with 2020

Making lemons out of lemonade

No matter how hopeless it all seems, there are always little tidbits of positive hiding amongst it all. For example, we were getting ready to move when all of this started, and I was dreading homeschooling. But, suddenly, everyone was in the same boat and I was showered with amazing resources. I was also concerned about our temporary living situation way out in the country when I am a city girl, but that also turned out to be beneficial in the midst of COVID.

Think about all of the activities your family has been forced to miss out on due to the quarantine. Which of them do you truly miss and which ones could you do without?

Write a gratitude list of all the positive memories you’ve made with your family as a result of being holed up with them during COVID-19. Come on, I know there are some..

Learning to “be the change”

Partially as a result of the isolation and pent-up frustrations of COVID-19, society has been ignited toward making some very important changes. As white moms, we are learning just how important our own role is in creating an antiracist society

Be honest with yourself. Can you think of any times in which you have held stereotypes toward people of a certain racial group? What actions can you take to deconstruct those negative reflexes?

What are your thoughts on the current events that have resulted from George Floyd and other black citizen killings by police? What are you doing to influence change?

How are you teaching your children to be antiracist? In what ways could you improve upon your teachings?

Coping with relationship strains

Many of us are also dealing with the loss of friendships or even familial support due to the rising tensions and differences of opinion on the issue of racism. I, myself, was recently told I was an “idiot,” due to my personal beliefs and then unfriended by a very close family member. It was disheartening, for sure, but writing has helped me cope.

If you are experiencing family and/or friendship tensions due to a difference of opinion regarding current events, what has that been like for you?

Remember the people in your life who are always supportive of you no matter your values or beliefs. Write about why you are so very thankful to have their constant support.

Dealing with economic hardships

Many of us have had our financial lives rocked by the hardships of 2020 as well. Coping with one strained area of life after another can really take its toll.

If your family’s economic situation has been affected (job loss, small business loss, etc), how are you coping with that? What is your plan to get back on your feet?

Do you use journaling to help you cope in times of struggle? Does it help you as well?

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