9 Backyard Activities for Summer Fun

It’s the year 2020, summer was cancelled (sort of), and us mamas are feeling the pressure! Doesn’t it seem like we are constantly fighting the “screentime war,” and struggling to get our littles into the great outdoors? I feel like you should try to allow your kids to be bored for a minute as often as possible, because that is when they tend to come up with their most creative ideas. But when they seem to be running out of creative sparks, here are 9 backyard activities for summer fun.

1. Backyard Camping

Backyard camping is the perfect way to spend a fun summer day technology-free. Even if your usual plans have been postponed for the season, remember how much fun you can have on your own turf. You can also check out some backyard camping tips while you’re at it.

backyard activities for summer fun
backyard activities for summer fun

2. Collage Critters

Let the kids use things they find in your yard to make an adorable bunny, bear, or raccoon face. Collect leaves, petals, twigs, or even just blades of grass to create unique animal faces. All you need is a little bit of glue and some creativity. See who can make use of the most interesting materials they find in nature. Download the critters here

3. 5 Senses Scavenger Hunt

Instead of a typical scavenger hunt with specific items to find, let your kids discover things following a list that invites them to use all five senses. Download this scavenger hunt here.

backyard activities for summer fun
backyard activities for summer fun

4. Campfire Storytelling Activity

All you need is a single die and your imagination for this storytime activity. Each person rolls the die 5 times, circling whichever story elements correspond with the number rolled under each category on the story creation sheet. Have fun taking turns storytelling based on the story elements you got on your turn. Download the storytelling activity here

5. Constellation Connect-the-Dots

Get ready for stargazing before it’s totally dark by connecting the dots of several famous constellations. Then, as the stars become visible in the night sky, you can find the constellations as a family with your newfound knowledge. Download the connect-the-dots activity here.

6. Think Outside The Box

backyard activities for summer fun
backyard activities for summer fun

We recently tried out this unique subscription box and were very impressed. I love how its contents encourage both outdoor time and family togetherness. The box we received was centered around hiking. It included a backpack, outdoor-themed activities and other related smaller outdoor gear accessories. Since hiking remains to be a pretty safe activity, this is a great option to rely on for family fun. We can’t wait to try ours!

7. Reusable Crochet Water Balloons

My kids, like so many, absolutely adore any activity involving water, especially in the hot, summer sun. The challenge with water balloons, for environmentalists like myself at least, is getting around the unsettling amount of waste. That is until now. You can find a variety of reusable options on Etsy, such as this one.

backyard activities for summer fun
backyard activities for summer fun

8. Nature Journal

A nature journal can be a great way to combine learning with stimulating outdoor experiences. Journals such as the one above provide opportunities for literacy, science, and much more! Etsy has such a great variety of these, check them out!

9. The Garden Notebook

Gardening is another fun summer project that the kids can join in on for countless learning adventures. The above notebook can be just the thing to get their brainwaves flowing and encourage a love for this fruitful activity.

What kind of activities are your children finding entertaining this summer as we hunker down?

Celebrate summer with your favorite drink as the kiddos find entertainment satisfaction in the comfort and safety of their backyard . . . at least for now. Cheers!!

backyard activities for summer fun
backyard activities for summer fun

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