How to Have a Mother-Daughter Spa Date At Home

Families have been stuck at home a lot more in recent months. While it forces us to have the often much-needed together time, it can also be really challenging to keep coming up with things to do. Moms are notorious for skipping self-care, and it has never been more needed than now. The solution? Have a mother-daughter spa date, and make both parties happy!

A cracked bench with a porcelain flower incense holder, scrub brush and two different sizes of white candles on top.
a mother-daughter spa date

The Ambiance

Spas tend to have a certain ambiance that is apparent upon entering. It’s like a party for the senses between the calming music, peace-invoking aromas and aesthetically appeasing decor. The jist of this can be achieved at home, however.

Everyone has a different area of ambiance that appeals most to their relaxation senses. Focus on the area that suits your needs best.


Select some essential oils that speak to your sense of serenity. Oftentimes lavender is best for this task, but here are some others that can be equally effective. You can use a diffuser to incorporate that scent into the air. I would recommend avoiding candles and incense as most are not good for our lungs.


Soothing music can be very helpful to transitioning into that peace and calm you are trying to achieve. You can use whatever music app (i.e. pandora, spotify, google play) you favor to do a search for meditative or relaxation music. All you need is a cell phone with decent volume and clarity and you are good to go!


In order to best achieve a spa-like atmosphere, I recommend gravitating toward the best and cleanest bathroom in the house. You could pick some flowers from your yard and place them in decorative vases around the tub or sink area. Other ideas include adding some healing crystals for good energy, lighting some beeswax unscented candles or displaying a portable electric fountain. Use your imagination and the resources you have on hand!

Two glasses of cucumber water with garnishments, surrounded by a sliced open melon and a few apples.
hydrating cucumber water

The Cucumber Water

Nothing says spa better than a fancy glass of hydrating cucumber water. Here is a fun recipe that includes a few other fruits as well. You can make it together the night prior so that it has time to infuse the flavors.

The Moisturizing Hair Mask

Get your spatime started by taking quick showers to feel fresh and ready for pampering. When you hop out, you can add one of these natural moisturizing mask recipes to your hair depending on what you prefer or have in your supplies. Once applied, simply throw your hair up and cover with a shower cap. Follow the directions for the individual mask you choose for duration and other instructions.

two women applying charcoal facial masks to one another's skin
a detoxifying charcoal mask

The Detoxifying Face Mask

Now that your hair is getting pampered, it’s your skin’s turn! A good detoxifying mask can do wonders for your outermost organ that is exposed to all the harsh elements of life. I especially love Beautycounter’s Counter Plus Charcoal Facial Mask. Leave this kaolin clay mask that is infused with activated charcoal on for ten minutes, to receive its purification benefits.

The Foot Soak

With all of our weight being rested on top of our feet, those tootsies could really stand a break, too. Any of these would work great for getting prepared for the pedicure while also relieving stress. Now your hair, skin and feet are all getting the diva treatment at once–this is the life!

The Sugar Scrub

Once your feet have soaked for awhile, they will be ready to receive some exfoliation. It’s time for all that built up dead skin to go! Beautycounter‘s completely safe and natural Lemongrass Body Scrub uses brown sugar and sweet-smelling, moisturizing oils to create a smooth canvas for the polish.

The Toxin-free Body Lotion

Once you have exfoliated, it’s time to moisturize. Many commercial lotions contain synthetic emollients that are toxic to our bodies when both absorbed and inhaled. That’s why I’m so glad Beautycounter offers the high-performing, toxin-free Melting Body Balm. Infused with an intoxicating sweet scent, it features argan and avocado oils that will leave your skin glowing.

The Reflexology

This step could be really fun as long as neither of you are super ticklish. It’s amazing what the different points on the bottom of your feet can do for the whole body. This is an ancient Chinese medical practice that is believed to reduce anxiety and lift mood. It has also been reported to have many other health benefits including boosting immunity and digestion.

Here is an introductory video you could watch with your little (or big) one to get started:

The Pedicure

This is the fun part for many little girls who love showing off a flash of color on their toes. For the littlest ones who are lacking patience, you may just want to slap on a coat of polish. However, if you are looking for the real deal, this is a great step-by-step guide.

The problem is that there are so many harsh chemicals such as toluene in many of these polishes. That said, there are a lot of safer versions coming out in recent years. Sara Annis of Clean Living with Kids has written a post presenting several of these.

The DIY Lip Balm

My daughter loves a good lip balm, and it’s something we can easily prepare together. This recipe is so simple and can be used with any essential oil scent that you prefer. You can make your lip balm or you can simply substitute whatever your standard product is.

How do you feel?

Once you are finished with this luxurious process, the goal is that all of your 2020 stresses have melted away and you feel like you’ve had a special bonding experience with your daughter. The bonus is that none of the steps involved included any of the toxins that are so typical in a traditional spa.

Have you ever done anything like this with your own daughter? What was that experience like? Or maybe this has inspired you to try it. I’d love to know 🙂

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  1. I love this idea! My daughters would love this (and so would I!), I think I’m going to have to have a spa day very soon 🙂

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