My Favorite Products


I use this protein powder in our smoothies.

I use this probiotic to help prevent my daughter’s chronic constipation.

I give this fish oil to my daughter to boost her Omega-3s.

I use this D3 supplement for both my husband and myself.

I give this natural calming supplement to my daughter to help with her ADHD.

I give this fish oil supplement to my husband to help with his high cholesterol & triglycerides.

I use this magnesium supplement since I am deficient. Many of us are due to the lack of it in today’s soil.


I brew these earth-friendly, toxin-free coffee beans each morning.


I use theseLodge cast iron pans for most of my meals.

For Packing Lunches

I use these reusable ziplocs for sandwiches & snacks.

I use this 3-piece stainless steel, lidded set of bowls for packing things like yogurt.

I use these Mira insulated bottles for packing drinks.

Beauty Products

I use Shea Moisture products for my hair and also my kids.

I use Naturcolor as a more natural alternative to hair coloring.

Feminine protection

I wear these period panties to help decrease my reliance on disposable protection options.

Safe cosmetics

I put this nail polish on my kids toes.

For a safe summer

I put this sunscreen on my kids.

I use this bug repellant.

Cleaning & Laundry

I use these dishwasher tablets for washing dishes in the dishwasher.

I use these soap nuts for washing clothes.

I use this drying rack to air-dry our clothing on sunny days.

DIY Products

Soap making

I use this goat’s milk soap base and this mold with cutting tools.

Here is the recipe I use.

Household items

We use these glass mason jars in a variety of sizes for drinking and storing foods.

I use these compostable kitchen waste bags.

I serve my kids their beverages in these stainless steel cups with straws & silicon lids.

I use these reusable coffee filters in our percolator.

I use these silicone lids for storing food.

For filtering our water & air

I use this water filtering system to provide my family with clean water.

I use this filter for the shower water.

I use this filter for the bath water.

Yoga & Meditation

I use this eco-friendly yoga mat.